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the moi muse

powerful women in moi

moi puts women at the center of all conversations, and more importantly apply a female sensibility to its approach to design, wearability and functionality.

Pasham Alwani

Fashion Director / Stylist

She introduces herself as a Fashion Director / Stylist who loves to create something out of nothing.

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Kiran Bir


She introduces herself as a Designer whose style icons are full of blinks and sparkles. She describes herself as flagged and fabulous.

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Shubha Rao

Interior Designer

She introduces herself as a lover of art and craftsmanship. She believes a fine piece of jewelry is a form of art and self expression.

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Priya Nori

Medical professional

She introduces herself as a medical professional working in New York city. Joyful is her vibe.

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Priya Banerjee


She introduces herself as an actress and resonates with Bombay as beautiful chaos—just like herself. carefree, casual and chill yet chic is her vibe.

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Surbhi sethi

Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

She introduces herself as a fashion and lifestyle blogger. She loves meeting new people from different walks of life every day.

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Jia Singh

Travel and Wellness Consultant

She introduces herself as a travel and wellness consultant who finds true beauty in being comfortable in your skin.

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Spardha Malik

Digital Editor at Ogaan

She introduces herself as the digital editor at Ogaan India and believes her normal days to be super-exciting with small odd elements.

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Chandni Sareen

Founder of Ikat Story

 She introduces herself as the founder and owner of Ikat Story and loves her free-spirited vibe.

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Kamakshi Khanna


She introduces herself as a musician. She Loves her mom's big chunky earrings. Simple and relatable is her vibe.

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Deepshikha Khanna

head of apparel at good earth

She introduces herself as a craft, textiles, architecture, classical music, food, and especially its diversities lover.

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Anjali Gaekwar

co founder at

She introduces herself as a luxury retail professional and, has always been passionate about jewelry and art...

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Vineeta & Namrata

Corporate world lovers of everything handmade

They Introduce themselves as a handmade lover, that connects them to their roots and shows Indian craft and techniques...

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Aastha Sharma

founder at Wardrobist

she introduces herself as a celebrity, OTT, Wedding & Fashion Stylist by profession and founder at Wardrobist,

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