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As a business, as a team and as a community, we are deeply influenced by the 'circle of life' and have pledged to do our bit with conscious efforts towards a greener world and more importantly, a fairer world. As part of this vision, Kunal, our co-founder, has set-up 'Lightship Initiative', a non-profit started to offer opportunities to brilliant but under-privileged children in India and Moi along with the parent brand, Aurus, are the founding patrons for this effort. Every purchase made from Moi and Aurus will contribute towards this initiative. 


the initiative

INDIA’S POVERTY IS OFTEN TALKED ABOUT. It is a shackle that’s virtually impossible to break. It continues, one generation after another, grinding away at life. In midst of this grim, there are instances of brilliance. Children who have been gifted with extra-ordinary grey matter. It is these kids that offer a chance to break their generational shackles of poverty and along with them lift their families out of this despondence. And getting the right education is probably the key that can unlock their future.

Lightship Initiative is designed to fix this, one child at a time, one aspiration at a time. It is designed to identify highly intelligent underprivileged children from grade 8 through a rigorous selection process. And then take responsibility of their complete development from grade 9 till they graduate from college. 

Through this initiative, we promise to extend our time, our knowledge in additional to financial support. This involves 360 degree intervention, from education support to music, from English to personality development, from a structured mentorship program to internships, from sports to summer programs and finally to identify their area of interest and help them prepare and excel and have great career opportunities open to them. It is our hope that every child that is nurtured through the program can in turn, over his lifetime, impact 100 more lives in turn – help them break out of their cycle of poverty. 

We started with a pool of 500 kids, and whittled it down to 5 kids to build the first batch, They were enrolled in the program as Batch 1.

Meet the first batch below

Jeenil Panchal

Our little outgoing and scrappy boy!

Urvi Parmar

Our little kabaddi enthusiast!

Nandini Jadhav

Our shy and most studious little!

Nisarg Kadiya

Our little engineer in the making!

Jaymin Panchal

Our little pizza lover!