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Need to see your favourites up close? Not sure what to pair with your cart? Schedule a complimentary virtual styling consultation

virtual styling with moi

virtual styling with moi

Need to see your favourites up close? Not sure what to pair with the pieces in your cart? Schedule a virtual consultation with our personal stylist for help with sizing, styling and overall shopping assistance.


Indulge in a 360-degree view of designs you shortlist and see them in action. Any questions you have related to the product or how to style them, create a set - ask away!


Your appointment is personalised to address your questions, whether that's about finding your first Moi piece, adding to the collection or a gift you want to pick up.


Speak with our stylist and discover our collection, a close up tour of the iconic designs and the new arrivals. We are here to help you find the right jewelry for your special day!

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How do I book an appointment?

Hello there!
Start by picking a day and time that works for you, confirm and schedule the event and we’ll email you a Zoom/Google Meet link immediately.
Note : In the form you submit while scheduling the event, please name the designs you are interested in for us to get back to you on their availability and prepare for the call.

What topics can be covered in a virtual styling call?

Our in-house stylist is a product wiz! She can help with almost anything product related. Whether you're looking for your first Moi piece, adding to your existing collection, shopping for a special moment or a special someone, she'll be with you to help through styling, picking up what suits your requirements better, helping you choose between designs, sizing and care tips - all tailored to you.

How will the jewelry be presented?

Our stylist will show you the designs you shortlist, on-camera, and try them on to give you an idea of what it might look like in real life. She will also have designs similar to your selection laid out for you to take a look if you'd like.


conversations we love and cherish


Maryland, US

I bought ruby and diamond Eden ring for my engagement. I saw both the versions of the ring on the call, as I wanted to make sure its not too big for my fingers or too sparkly. After the call, I made the choice and then placed an order.

Rashika Kaul 

Delhi, India

I love to get on the consultation call and see all the designs I am interested in. I like to club my Moi rings together. On my last call, I asked the stylist to place the tanzanite ring, which was my last purchase, and style it next to the millennial ring which I plan to get now.

Mary Arzt


I am a fan of handcrafted jewelry pieces. I scheduled the call as I wanted to see the craftsmanship and overall look of the Jaipur earrings. I got to see both the ruby and the emerald variants of them. It helped me understand the scale of the earrings when I saw the stylist try them on.