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pallavi mohindra

Gurgaon, India

Just received the memories pendant and boy is this what I have always wanted or what!
P.s. the husband is mighty thrilled that you literally handed him everything on a platter - all the little details that makes his wife go 😍

Mugdha Purohit

Pune, India

Thank you team Moi for delivering this beautiful piece absolutely on time. I was delighted to receive this piece so that I could gift it to my daughter and she loved it! So so happy.. thanks again. The process was flawless 😍

Bijal Mehta

Texas, United States

I gave the pearl earrings to my mothers in law and she absolutely loves them!! They’re really beautiful and well made.

Niyati Sareen

Chennai, India

You guys are the preferred ones! The last gift we bought for my friend's son's bride was such a hit with the young lady.

Anna Selvarajah Bhatia

New Delhi, India

I've been waiting since August 2020 to order The Elements of Life as a future gift to my goddaughter born in lockdown in June. She was beside herself seeing and touching the words, knowing one day it will belong to her with all our names. Thank you for this special moment.