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Pavia Rosati

Journalist & Entrepreneur
moi muse

Pavia Rosati

Journalist & Entrepreneur

She introduces a travel and lifestyle expert and the CEO and founder of the award-winning editorial travel platform Fathom.

m - How would you introduce yourself?

P - I’m a world-curious explorer who loves coming home, especially when home is filled with good friends and excellent conversations...

m - What are two words that best describe you?

P - Exuberant and giving.

m - What draws you to fine jewelry?

P - The artistry of the designs and the feelings it evokes — beauty, nostalgia, history, love.

m - Is fine jewelry part of your lifestyle? Everyday?

P - Absolutely. I have special pieces that I rotate, along with a few that I wear almost daily, like my mother’s wedding band and a thin gold necklace I’ve worn since I was 15.

m - What do you think caught your attention in our jewelry?

P - The pieces are at once strong and delightful, which may be the very definition of beauty.

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