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moi muse

rymn massand

creative consultant
moi muse

rymn massand

creative consultant

she introduces herself as a creative consultant, travel writer, reader, book designer, occasional travel editor...

m - how would you introduce yourself?

R - Creative consultant, travel writer, reader, book designer, occasional travel editor, happiest enroute to somewhere.

m - What are two words that best describe you?

R - Witty and energetic. My friends would say Funny, bossy and generous.. My son would say strict and warm. I think they all fit.

m - What draws you to fine jewelry?

R - A sense of a story. I like to imagine where this precious object fits into a narrative, and of course how it makes me feel. Precious stones make me feel like I need to take care of them, and adapt my mannerisms to that elegance and grace.

m - is fine jewelry part of your lifestyle?

R - Like anything else, I believe we should enjoy our fineries daily. I wear a wristfull of delicate gold bracelets ( that I have collected over the years) every single day. Eat off your best plates, bring out the good wine every evening, wear your nicest dresses, enjoy the gilded teacups. Small moments of beauty are what make life richer.

m - what do you think caught your attention in our jewelry?

R - I like the lack of fussiness, the small details that make it precious and how easily wearable the pieces are.

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