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About us



Our Inspiration

What is the essence of a country,of a heritage, of a tradition; how does it look?

Moi draws its inspiration from the rich design and artisanal heritage of India. The India of Moi is not the land of kitsch and over the top embellishment. Our India recognizes craftsmanship, flamboyance and luxury of materials, and layered storytelling while placing it firmly in the now. It is a distilled sophistication meant for individuals who have a view of the wider world and how they move through it, while appreciating quality, wearability, and ease.


Our Story

Design, for Puja, began in 2003 with her studio AURUS and her endeavor to create timeless fine jewelry that brought together her passion for art and jewelry history paired with a keen eye for superior craftsmanship. A chance visit to a Warby Parker store in New York was the epiphany that led to creation of Moi. Witnessing the change of the status quo firsthand, and how companies were talking directly to their clients, eliminating the middle man and all the noise of selling, instead connecting with the essence of who they were and what their customers were drawn to—these were the founding ideas of Moi.

Founded by the husband-wife duo of Puja and Kunal, Moi was created to address this very need to communicate directly with their clientele and to disrupt/refresh/upend/ the old impersonal system.


The Design

Co-founder and creative head at Moi, Puja Shah is trained at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, in jewelry design. The rigor of that training along with the rich and varied cultural life of New York honed her aesthetic and sensibility.

Puja and her team proudly wear the moniker of “jewelry geeks” whose creativity plus deep knowledge of craft and history enable them to design from a fresh perspective while holding the essentials of quality, luxury and detail to the highest standards.

Detail and finesse are our mantra. All our work is done in-house handcrafted with a team of artisans who are exclusive to Moi.


The Craft

What hand crafted means to us: Emphasize exploration, discovery and a variety of jewelry-making techniques. Engage with a wide community of artisans, who are skilled in their craft. Make sure the slight imperfections and quirks that truly make a piece unique are not just preserved but celebrated. Let each designer and craftsman bring their own touch to each piece, ensure luxury and quality with a hawk-eyed attention to detail.

As consumers ourselves, our quest for well-designed fine jewelry always leads us back to our essentials—practical, wearable, functional are all basics. At Moi we add to that: beautiful but not fussy, timeless but not stuffy, luxurious but not prohibitively expensive. We want you to wear your Moi everyday, to know that its value is for a lifetime but its pleasures are daily. Moi is to mark a moment, to wear every moment.

Moi is not just me, it is all of us.