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Celebrating the past, living in the NOW, Indian at heart


India at Heart

If you have ever tasted chai latte, appreciated the beauty of the Taj Mahal, experienced the tranquility of a meditation practice, or soaked in the aroma of spices in your winter cake, our brand’s design and aesthetics will seem familiar.
The brand draws influence from the rich design and artisanal heritage of India. In a time when fashion and its narratives are influenced by the west and India is portrayed as a land of kitsch and flamboyance, we are striving to push the boundary and offer products with a layer of sophistication and minimalism.  


The Dream

A chance visit to a Warby Parker store in New York 2019 was the epiphany that led to creation of Moi. The experience of buying fine jewelry is not personal and is tied up in legacy offline structure. MOI was created to change this status quo.
Moi is founded by husband-wife duo of Puja and Kunal who respectively bring their right and left brains in nurturing and growing Moi. 


The Step Up

We live in an age of access. When you can get almost anything at a click, you cannot count on century old rules of business, there is a need to reinvent!
Disrupting long-held dictums of the fine jewelry industry and traditional retailers, there was a need to do away with investing in expensive brick and mortar stores, inventory and spending a fortune on traditional marketing, all of which adds to inflating the costs.
This is one of the core founding ideas that led to the inception of Moi. 

THE Design

Woman to Woman

Puja Shah, the co-founder, was actively associated with New York’s finest– the Metropolitan Museum and the Brooklyn Museum of Art. With a professional training in jewelry design from Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), New York, Puja heads design. Her affiliations have had a vivid influence on her as she employs her design sensibility and varied exposure to her work.

Puja and her team can be described as a group of jewelry geeks who dream, breathe and live jewelry! Being a young brand, and not adhering to the long-held dictums around fine jewelry, the team ideates and prototypes several designs, thus offering a curation that is best in class.
While the industry is trade governed, men-driven and ultimately caters to women without women at the centre of it all, the team puts the “woman” at the centre of all conversations. 

THE Design

We offer what we love

The small but well-rounded team at Moi is very particular about each and every touch point related to the product. All designs are worked in-house and the jewelry is handcrafted by a closely-knit network of artisans under close supervision.

All consecutive stages, from visual communication, digital marketing and customer service to packaging and logistics are also executed by the team thus ensuring that every step meets their expectation before being presented to the client.

Hence, we put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and we offer only what we would like to hear, see or wear. 

THE Design

Class Over Trend

We live in an age of excess. In a time when fashion and its derivatives are influenced by trends and forecasts, we believe in the power of classics. The little black dress will never disappoint. Likewise, a line of pearls will always be an elegant choice.

Every piece of Moi is an artisanal indulgence. It celebrates an era in history, pays homage to an art form or an artist, highlights a technique or incorporates a special gemstone, all this whilst keeping the aesthetic TIMELESS.

We strive to offer value in jewelry that is not just the sum of its raw materials but something that is unique and personable. Without compromising on the practicality of the design it is something that can be worn frequently across different wardrobes and varied occasions. 

THE Craft

Home Is Where 'Craft'Is

We strive to preserve the essence of handcrafted when the world is moving towards machines, Our emphasis is on exploring, discovering and employing different jewelry-making techniques. This process gives us a chance to engage with a wide community of artisans, who are skilled in their craft.

Every Moi piece has a soul and it sings the song of all the finer nuances, the slight imperfections and all the attributions that constitute a piece which is crafted by hand. And in that sense, even though each piece adheres to a design prototype, it can be called “one of a kind” literally!

Our pieces have their own journey, as they travel from one hand to another – each designer, each craftsman weaving in his or her part, pouring in their heart and bringing the jewel to life. 

THE Craft

Refinement and Edge

Moi draws on Indian design heritage for inspiration and aims to celebrate Indian craft with a layer of sophistication and minimalism. In a time when a lot of ideas in fashion appear stereotypical, we are attempting to push that boundary and offer products that have a distinguishing factor.

If you closely look at our techniques, the vintage detailing, the at-times edgy and unusual designs, and our love for a pop of color you will notice that the products exude some inherent “Indianness” in an otherwise contemporary design. There is a hint of nostalgia coupled with a deep layer of refinement that is reflected in what is offered.

THE Craft

Mini Heirloom

In our permanent quest for well-designed fine jewelry we couldn’t find what we could call our own. Everything was either uninspiring, cookie-cutter or nose-bleedingly expensive. As consumers, this irked us.
With Moi, we put forth jewelry that is personal, sentimental, and that which has no boundaries of age and lifestyle. It is a thing of beauty that speaks for itself. And it has an intrinsic value.

It is something that one can enjoy for a lifetime and can also be handed down to the next generation.  


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