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moi muse

Akanksha Kamath

Fashion Features Director at Vogue India
moi muse

Akanksha Kamath

Fashion Features Director at Vogue India

She introduces herself as a jewelry lover, art lover, and purveyor of poetry.

m - We have known you as the Fashion Features Director at Vogue India, how would you introduce yourself?

A - I like this question so much. I’ve said this very often that many a time in this job, you become a part of it and it becomes a part of you. Yes, I’m Fashion Features Director at Vogue India, but I’m also someone who loves poetry. I love art.

m - Where do you look for creative inspiration?

A -You know this is one of the earliest habits that I adopted and it has stuck with me through time. I always read the paper, every morning—not just the BBC app or the Guardian app or Inshorts on your phone, but the physical, hard newspaper—holding it in my hand and reading it.

I also look for inspiration in reading. When I need to write, I read. I look for inspiration in old bookshops—not the water stones and crossroads of the world but more the almost forgotten ones—the lanes of east London or in fort in Bombay. I also like to meet people. I go to events and I approach things with curiosity—that’s what drives creativity in my opinion.

m -How would you describe your style?

A - I’d say my style is classic. I’m quite feminine, but I am very classic; I’m not into trends. You will rarely see me trying a trend. When I say I’m feminine, I like skirts, I like a good dress. When I say I’m feminine, I like skirts, I like a good dress. I particularly love a mini A-line skirt. I think just paired with a T-shirt and with jewelry that never leaves me. Never.

m - How do you feel when you wear MOI jewelry?

A - Jewelry is just one of those things that touches your skin first even before your clothes do. It’s there, it’s very much an intimate thing that’s always on you. It should have a story, and it should have a style that is an extension of yourself and that’s what MOI jewelry felt like.

m - What caught your attention with MOI?

A - It was seamless. It is for the everyday; it is for the woman on the go. I can keep it on. I can take from day to night. I can live in it 365 days, and that’s exactly what I look for in my jewelry.

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