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Jewel Care

How to care for your jewelry?

  • Handle each piece with care as many settings are delicate and are prone to breakage if dropped or dealt with recklessly. Avoid wearing fine jewelry during physical exercise, cooking or any activity that could cause scratches or breakage.

  • While care has been taken to ensure that all the pieces adhere to the best quality and craftsmanship possible, the jewelry is handmade and there might be breakage, stone displacement or other issues due to conditions beyond our control.

  • Human natural skin oils affect diamonds and other precious stones and hence these can lead to a loss of lustre. If you do not wear your jewelry regularly, it can still get dusty.

  • Commercially available jewelry boxes are not recommended for storage. They may have chemical adhesives that may cause discolouring and blackening.

  • When dressing, jewelry should always be put on last, as make up, cosmetics and perfumes can cause damage to delicate items.

  • Heat and light can impact a precious stone’s colour and durability. Direct sunlight can fade a lot of stones, including amethyst and smoky quartz.

  • Gold jewelry could also be blackened due to any of the reasons mentioned in the points above and it is definitely not because inferior quality of gold is used.

  • Should there be any concerns, please bring the jewelry piece back to us and we will gladly rectify it for you.


How to care for Diamonds and Gemstones?

  • To clean the diamonds. Use warm water, a soft toothbrush and mild soap. Do not use harsh/strong agents to clean your jewelry. Soak your jewelry in lukewarm soapy water and clean it gently with a soft bristled toothbrush.

  • It is advised to regularly check the prongs holding diamonds and other stones, especially in the case of rings, and ensure that all of them are of equal height. If any of them is shorter than the others, the stone might get loose and fall out.

  • Some gems run the risk of getting bleached due to sunlight. Heat can dry up the natural moisture of some gemstones. Sudden temperature changes and extreme heat can also cause a fracture in some gemstones.

  • Do not expose gemstones to high temperatures as it might change the colour of the gemstone or reduce the lusture.

  • Store your diamond/gemstone jewelry in separate boxes or wrapped in a muslin cloth as friction between two pieces can lead the diamonds/gemstones to chip off.

  • Pearls are delicate. The nacre on the outside of pearls is soft, and though the layer of nacre is thick on South Sea pearls, it can still wear or chip away over time if you don’t treat the pearls with extreme care. Keep your pearls in a box with a soft lining and away from metal jewelry that can rub against them.

  • Also be careful not to get makeup, hairspray or harsh soaps or chemicals on your pearl jewelry.