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all that Grace

world of pearls at play


Pretty yet playful. Casual yet chic.

Discover our all-new arrivals that celebrates the timeless radiance of pearls but in a modern spirit with our all-new collection,


Pearls at Play

Pearls at Play

Pretty yet playful. Casual yet chic. Modern yet timeless. Discover our all-new collection that celebrates the timeless radiance of pearls but in a modern spirit with our all-new collection, ALL THAT GRACE.

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moi is a collection of fine jewelry that resonates
with the pulse of the world. It is built on the idea of jewelry as a way of life.


we love to hear from you. it keeps us going

Eni Bakalbashi

New York, USA

Hi, I received the ring and it is beautiful, Thank you so much - this was taken this morning in NYC and the ring looked as glorious as the weather here today. Featured -Jaipur Ring

Swapna Nair

Belle Meade, New Jersey

Thanks for the beautiful piece of jewellery. Received the package last week and couldn’ t wait to wear it. seen on her

Lanayre Liggera

New York, USA

Fine jewelry has been an everyday part of life now, and this September I will be 80 years old. What caught my attention about Moi was the unique designs - the mixture of Indian and European - and I felt great wearing my Nizam ring. I have taught Women 's History and written one biography and three self-published novels, which I call "theological thrillers."

the moi muse

the muses of moi have a view of the wider world and how they move through it while appreciating quality, wearability, and ease. each of them is discerning, emotional, secure, and passionate about fashion, style, music, and the luxury of handcrafted. This series captures a few of such inspiring people.

Forever craftsmanship for everyday luxury.

Rooted in the concept of India Modern, Moi creates fine jewelry that is a colorful mosaic of story, craft, and artistry. To us, India Modern is characterized by the creative spirit of a borderless world, where cultures co-mingle, and the present plays homage to the past while looking firmly to the future.

India, with its rich tradition of design and jewelry-making, is our core influence. The vivid colors of gemstones, the varied array of techniques, and the diverse cultural mores and experiences that India has to offer are the backbone of what we do. Our designs translate these into the global reality of today for customers across the world. This is fine jewelry that is effortless. It invokes joy and confidence.

Indulge in artisanal heritage and the goodness of gold. Celebrate your special moments with handcrafted fine jewelry.

the best gift ever.


your purchase, their aspirations

your purchase, their aspirations

"Every diamond has the ability to shine, when there is someone to recognise its good facets and inhibit its flaws."

We have committed to doing our part, in fighting the opportunity gap. The Lightship Initiative
is designed to help gifted kids in need and fulfill their aspirations through an all-paid, holistic custom 360° intervention program.