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I had made a purchase earlier with Moi and the experience was good so that gave me confidence to buy more expensive pieces. The designs are minimalistic and versatile.

Swapna Nair

New Jersey, United States

I found MOI’s website highly professional and reassuring when it came to my online purchase and received the same kind of support from team MOI when it came to confirming and shipping my order. 

Kathryn Hummel

Adelaide, Australia

The earrings arrived today and I absolutely love them! They arrived just in time for my birthday today and will send pictures of me wearing them. Wanted to send along a photo of me wearing it!

Pallabi Mitra

Rancho Palos Verdes, California

"I wear a stack of gold bracelets collected over the years - and this stunning piece - all the way from India- joins my permanent collection today! Thank you MOI for this delight in ruby and gold. "

Rymn Massand

New York

“Finally got my hands on these beautiful earrings from MOI. I felt so nice wearing my earrings when I received them that I kept them on for the whole day just enjoyed wearing a nicely designed piece.”

Dr. Bijal Merchant

Dublin, Ireland

Fine jewelry has been an everyday part of life now, and this September I will be 80 years old. What caught my attention about Moi was the unique designs - the mixture of Indian and European - and I felt great wearing my Nizam ring.

Lanayre Liggera

New York, United States

Everything is so beautiful. I was worried about these bracelets because I wanted them to fit close to my skin. But they are perfect and I am so happy. You are my favorite brand! Sending 💖 to all of your team.

Magdalena Frackowiak

New York, United States

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Forever craftmanship for every day luxury.

India, the land of heritage, culture and craftsmanship has been a perennial model of inspiration for the world. Moi is inspired from the rich design and artisanal legacy that prevails in the motherland. Our India recognises art, flamboyance, the luxury of materials, and layered storytelling while placing it firmly in the NOW.

From the leaves of the designer’s sketchbook, after multiple trials and iterations, each design is brought to life by the magic in the hands of our master artisans.

As women ourselves, who work, travel, bring up families, entertain, educate, and live life fully, our quest for well-designed fine jewelry always leads us back to our essentials. We want you to wear your Moi everyday, to know that its value is for a lifetime but its pleasures are daily. Moi is to mark a moment, to wear every moment, to keep for yourself and to gift to your mother, sister, daughter and friend.
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