Pallabi Mitra Chakrabarti

Rancho Palos Verdes, California

As a wife, as a working professional, as a traveler, as a creative thinker, I feel like this is the type of jewelry that you can wear through any face that i am living through and that's something I really admire about the brand in itself. I like to find pieces of jewelry that can stay on me and stay with me.... and that's what I found with MOI.

Deepti Rana

Virginia, USA

It’s been an amazing experience through out from day 1 . The whole process of buying was puts you guys apart, needless to say that you have an amazing collection that caters all the requirements. Less but to every piece is exquisite .

Margaret Chandler

New York, USA

Just purchased my Felix ring. So excited! I love unusual rings and this is one of the most beautiful I have seen in along time.

Purti Mehta

Ahmedabad, India

Moi realy has a fine balance when it comes to finding those type of pieces that you can go from everyday to even cocktails.

Vineeta Gupta

Cairo, Egypt

Was busy visiting the family, so couldn't respond earlier. Wore the neckpiece yesterday and it looked so beautiful. Got the best compliments from my mom

Ishita Parikh

Ahmedabad, India

Minimalism with versatility, modernism grounded by indianness, that Moi offers is not comparable.

Devashri Mukherjee

Mumbai, India

I am curious introverted person, fond of books and travel, flowers and gardens and walking spaces with trees. Unusual combinations — of aesthetics, precious stones and metals and wearability is what caught my attention to MOI. The jewellery suits my sensibility. It’s beautiful yet understated, I can wear it with a saree, and equally easily with a dress.

Deepshika Khanna

Mumbai, India

“I feel nostalgic when I wear this jewelry because these pieces remind me of a time in the past - the style, the make, the finish, it’s very elegant, very feminine. Makes me feel like a beautiful woman.”

Dr. Bijal Merchant

Dublin, Ireland

Finally got my hands on these beautiful earrings from MOI. Being a doctor, I don't have enough occasions to wear traditional Indian jewelry. But I couldn't find choices for modern Indian jewelry, who is why I haven't been buying fine jewelry for a long time. I was so excited to see where MOI is going with their jewelry line. It's designed for people like me who don't want to wear imitation jewelry on a daily basis but don't want to buy heavy traditional jewelry either. I felt so nice wearing my earrings when I received them that I kept them on for the whole day just enjoying the feeling of wearing a nicely designed piece. Look forward to buying more!

Rymn Massand

New York

The joy of receiving a long awaited custom made piece of beauty! I wear a stack of gold bracelets collected over the years - and this stunning piece - all the way from India- joins my permanent collection today! Thank you MOI for this delight in ruby and gold, and Puja for your beautiful design. 💕

Aditi Patel

Ahmedabad, India

Moi gives the best of the new designs that, "A woman of this generation would look up to. That you don't pay through your nose, yet you get the things that you desire!"

Pooja Bagdai

Mumbai, India

I received the Colombo earrings. They are prettier than they look on your website. I found your amazing page on google search engine while searching for citrine earrings. Ended up buying them for Diwali. I read a little about Puja Shah on vogue, all designs are modern but at the same time they don't look too heavy on brides. I am in touch with your team at MOI, they're polite and prompt. The earrings I have ordered look elegant and it's real gold/gemstones at the same time.🙂

John R. Funderburk

Seattle, U.S.A

I was reading an on-line article in Vogue, and a pop-up ad came up for MOI. The ad was tasteful, and all the jewelry had an elegance and uniqueness/antique-y quality, and my wife is very particular about jewelry. I am sure I will be buying a few more items.

Neha Sharma

Bangalore, India

Before investing in fine jewelry, I always question myself whether I see myself wearing the piece often or it would be just limited to a few occasions. And I am so glad that ‘Hyderabad Choker’ I got two years ago from MOI. is something that just goes with everything in my closet be it my mother’s vintage Rani Benarasi, a cream understated Benarasi or my slip dresses.

Ananya Ghosh

New Delhi, India

Kalpana Bhatwadekar

Mumbai, Maharashtra

I was casually browsing my Instagram when I came across these Pearl earrings. I love delicate, everyday wear jewelry. I don’t want to dump my lockers with heavy jewelry which I can’t even use!! The advertisements in renowned magazines and clarity of pictures for each piece of jewel was admirable! I read your policies on your website and as an Indian brand it’s my moral duty to support you..haha...isn’t it?? I loved the earrings, they are simple , elegant, rich and light!! Perfect for me to wear throughout the day.. I also found your after sale service, delivery planning , updates and finally packaging commendable!! Proud to be part of MOI family!! Cheers

Shilpa Arkachar

Slough, United Kingdom

Kathryn Hummel

Adelaide, Australia

What caught my attention was MOI's unique hybrid approach to traditional and contemporary design -as well as the fact they use ethically-sourced diamonds. I felt I could wear MOI’s designs without misappropriating the meaning of more traditional Indian-designed jewelry, whose highly embellished style doesn’t suit me anyway. I found MOI’s website highly professional and reassuring when it came to my online purchase and received the same kind of support from team MOI when it came to confirming and shipping my order. I was confused over ring sizes but the staff were very patient and we eventually got it sorted out: they explicitly stated that my satisfaction with my purchase was a priority and, I feel, understand each purchase to be of special significance to the person who places an order.

Stuti Tiwari

Agra, India

My obsession with blue stoned rings has been since forever. And my dream of owning one (the kind I was looking for) was realized the moment my eyes fell on the blue tanzanite ring by MOI. The classic design, the rare gem, the craftsmanship, everything about this ring is simplicity, beauty and royalty put together. Thank you Moi💙

Swapna Nair

Belle Meade, New Jersey

Thanks for the beautiful piece of jewellery. Received the package last week and couldn’t wait to wear it.

Pallabi Mitra Chakrabarti

Rancho Palos Verdes, California

The earrings arrived today and I absolutely love them! They arrived just in time for my birthday today and will send pics of me wearing them 😊 Wanted to send along a photo of me wearing the earrings 😊 love them!

Premsingh Giridhar

Brambleton, Virginia

Hi, we received the order. Gorgeous piece.Thanks.

Aanchal Malhotra

New Delhi

I use this necklace from Moi to dress up for weddings and dress down for everyday.

Mekhla Yadav

Bangalore, India

I was introduced to Moi by my sister and I loved the designs which are inspired to highlight the feminine in every women. The styling and detailing reflect the high standards that one associates with the brand - Moi. Jewellery to me is an expression of inner self. A fine piece with its intricacies and colours is a reflection of my personality - vibrant and attention-to-detail. And not to forget trust and transparency which was evident whilst dealing with staff from Moi. Never did I doubt that I am not speaking to genuine people who care for quality and know that this piece of jewellery will eventually become a part of me. When I look at what I am wearing from Moi, I feel enriched, complimented with my attitude of living life with elan. Thank you Moi for making me feel that way.

Archna Prasad Gaur

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Aditi Patel

Ahmedabad, India

Purti Mehta

Ahmedabad, India

Shruthi Sarikonda

Monroe Township, New Jersey

Hi, I have received the order. Thank you, it is very pretty!

Rakhi S Ravindran

New Delhi, India

I discovered you on Instagram. The unique jewellery designs caught my eye . When the craftsmanship and designs were so beautifully presented I guess it called for a leap in faith too. And i wasn't disappointed!

Harleen Singh

Hyderabad, India

I found Moi through Instagram! I’m so glad I discovered you! Each and every piece is so special and unique, and unlike a lot of other sort of contemporary or “young” jewelry brands. As for the confidence part— buying anything online these days is a little risky, but honestly I went with my gut feeling 🤷🏽‍♀️

Shikha Puri

New Delhi, India

Found you on Instagram while browsing jewellery designs. Your delicate and detailed designs caught my attention since I don't go in for the regular designs. Also it really sort of matches my feminine taste. The way you dealt with my inhibition to buy fine jewellery online. What sealed my confidence was how you handled the payments. I had to stagger pay yet I got what I chose exactly on my birthday! Looking forward to building my collection with Moi💖

Shreya Gupta

Mumbai, India

I came across MOI on Instagram. The designs caught my attention because they beautifully interpret traditional designs in a contemporary and wearable manner. The craftsmanship seemed delicate, that's what gave me the confidence to purchase.

Sheersha Dash

Bhubaneswar, India

I found Moi through Aurus's page on Instagram, and started following Moi Vibe then. I love the dainty designs of Moi's collection. Perfect for day to day wear. I also loved its price points so I went for it!

Deepa Prabhakaran

I came across you guys on Aurus when you were launching MOI. I liked the contemporary designs with Indian elements. that is what I feel sets u guys apart from others. Have been following since.

Jeshal Thaker

Mumbai, India

Hellooo . . I received my ring and its Lovely 😍😍😍 . . I super loved it . . Thank u 🥰

Pranjali Arya

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Hi, I have received my parcel, and what a delight it was to open and see the package. It was more beautiful than I thought it would be. I’ll surely post a picture and tag once I wear it, sure to make heads turn. What a gorgeous piece of craft!

Sabrina Ahmed

New Jersey, United States

Recieved your parcel. Thank you so much. It is absolutely stunning!!!

Ekta Gupta

Mumbai, India

Spardha Malik

Delhi, India

I love dressing up easy and effortless.

Neelima Menon

Thrissur, India

Vijaylakshmi Chaka

Texas, U.S.A

I love classy jewellery.. I think our taste speaks of who you actually are. Loved wearing this necklace on my sweaters..can’t wait to pair up this with a saree.