14K gold

Memories pendant necklace/M166

A photo is the most prime source of memories. As a pendant, it stays close to your heart, has an aesthetic appeal but it also holds stories on the inside. The MOI photo locket- Memories - is worked in a silver & gold alloy with hints of pure gold embellished with rose cut diamonds and exquisite enamelling details with a green emerald at the centre.
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Gold(14K) : 1.92g
Rose-cut Diamonds : 0.67ct
Gemstone : Emerald, Shell Pearl
Other : Blue Enamel
925 Silver

A pendant to mark a moment and carry it forever, close to your heart. This piece of jewelry is nostalgic, romantic, classic and relevant. It is an everyday basic.


Note From The Designer

In a time when fashion and its derivatives are influenced by trends and forecasts, we believe in the power of classics. Timeless, authentic and just the right balance between design and craft. CARO, draws inspiration from iconic forms, highlights clean lines coupled with a neutral color palette and carefully selected gemstones to accompany your everyday wardrobe. Signature handcrafted techniques transform the beauty of these basic forms into precious pieces of fine jewelry.


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100% Handcrafted , designed with heart and soul.

We work with expert jewelers who use high quality and enduring materials. From precious metals, set with genuine gemstones and ethically sourced diamonds.