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Chandni Sareen

Fashion Stylist & Entrepreneur
moi muse

Chandni Sareen

Fashion Stylist & Entrepreneur

She introduces herself as the founder and owner of Ikat Story and loves her free-spirited vibe.

m - How would you introduce yourself?

 A - I am free-spirited. Everything I do is free-spirited; when I wake up I love to make things up and that's me

m - What's your favorite time of the day?

A - I am an early riser. I love to have the morning to me and after that, life is full of beautiful chaos.

m - What's your vibe?

A - My tribe is my vibe—that's why I would say. I am very free-spirited.

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Kamakshi Khanna


She introduces herself as a musician by profession. She loves her mom's big chunky earrings. Relatable is her vibe.

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