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a portal into the world of the quaint & refined

Little treasures take centre stage in "Shaz", a capsule of vintage-inspired jewels that transport you to a frame of the past, borrowing the refined design aesthetic of the past and combining it with the creative playfulness and craftsmanship of today.


celebrating the past

A curation of little reminders of a place where everything feels rare yet familiar.


a treasure trove

a treasure trove

A curation of little reminders of picturesque antique shops overflowing with precious finds from across the world and epochs, Shaz transports you to a place where everything feels rare yet familiar, contemporary yet of yore.


a treasure trove

Shaz reminds us of the bustling bazaars of Istanbul, the spice shops of Kochi, and the retro Sunday pop-ups, and everything that is common among them—a portal to a world where the air is thick with a quaint fragrance, everything shimmers with refinement, and the old and new meet