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The Tree of Life is more than just a motif; it's a symbol that binds cultures across through a shared underlying significance.
It celebrates the ever-blooming nature of life, sometimes in the form of a cosmic tree that supports the Universe, and sometimes, a fruit-bearing tree whose fruit grant eternal life. It draws inspiration from the very nature of a tree that, irrespective of the circumstances, continues to grow, mirroring life itself.

an homage to our roots

A tribute to the unofficial symbol of the 600-year-old “jewel” of a city—our home, Amdavad.


Handcrafted in 925 Silver, this pendant features the Tree of Life motif in jaliwork, a representation of the immortal spirit of Ahmedabad, colloquially called Amdavad. Beneath the jaliwork is a layer of rich, vibrant enamelwork. The pendant is bordered with prong-set gemstones and is suspended from a pearl chain/black thread.

The "Tree of Life" channels the vibrant mosaic of amdavad story, art, and modernity.

This motif has been celebrated in countless reinvented artistic and architectural creations, one of them being the Siddi Saiyyid Ni Jali, an unofficial symbol of Amdavad. A city that sits on the cusp of rooted luxury and global modernity and continues to evolve, just like The Tree of Life.