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A Love Letter From moi

love is in the air, today & forever

moi is a collection of fine jewelry created for the women we are, for the women we are becoming and for the ones we admire.

the gift of infinite love

the gift of infinite love

Explore the infinite love of handcrafted jewels

From the leaves of the designer’s sketchbook, after multiple trials and iterations, each design is brought to life by the magic in the hands of our master artisans.

Love is in the air for you and yours.

To beauty and infinite love, everyday.


“From the quaint tradition of wearing your heart on your finger to layering your family’s legacy as you walk down the wedding aisle, a jewelled ensemble is often said to personify heirlooms and bejewelled traditions. But, while our culturally passionate hearts embrace sentimental jewels, our millennial minds are on the lookout for essential jewels that aren’t occasion bound. From something fun to something classic", – that's Moi