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fragile frescoes is a journey to the forgotten land of Shekhawati, located in the northeastern part of Rajasthan on the ancient silk route. it is an attempt to put a spotlight on the region and ignite a renewed appreciation for the raw beauty and cultural relevance that it holds.

this series traces the travels of Rachel as she meanders through the alleys of a small town, where lane after lane is dotted with abandoned havelis beautifully painted with elaborate and vivid frescoes.

these frescoes aren’t mere wall paintings. they are memoirs that tell stories of a glorious bygone era and of customs, beliefs, and dreams depicted through a juxtaposition of regional and Western influences.


the theme of this year's annual exhibit of the Met Costume Institute inspired to embark on this journey in search of forgotten beauty. our travels led us to Shekhawati, where we found ourselves becoming one with it as we soaked in all of it with its raw, unkempt perfection.

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