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moi muse

Vineeta & Namrata

Digital Content Creators
moi muse

Vineeta & Namrata

Digital Content Creators

She introduces herself as someone passionate about jewelry and art, considering them to be an important form of self-expression.

m - How would you introduce yourself?

V&N - We both work in the corporate world and have always been interested or a little obsessed about everything that is handmade, connects us to our roots and show Indian craft and techniques beautifully.

m - How did you discover us?

V&N - We found moi on Instagram and just love the simplicity and design. Each piece was so unique and a statement on its own.

m - What is your style statement?

V&N - Our style is very minimalist. We really believe that less is more and one should invest in quality pieces.

m - What do you think caught your attention in our jewelry?

V&N - The finish with the fine details. Their balance of different elements and colors is so beautiful, so elegant, and actually, they're versatile and timeless in a true sense.

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Aishwarya Nair Mathew

Hotelier & Founder of a Luxury Clothing Brand

Founder of the clothing brand ALIGNE STUDIOS, she introduces herself as an art-enthusiast, wine connoisseur, and a contributing editor at Vogue India.

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