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moi muse

aishwarya nair mathew

an art-enthusiast
moi muse

aishwarya nair mathew

an art-enthusiast

she introduces herself as an art-enthusiast, wine connoisseur and a contributing editor at Vogue India, is fond of all her mother's old jewelry pieces that she has held onto for the longest of time - she defines her style as minimal eclectic...

m - how would you define your sense of style?

A - I have a very minimal overall look, but I'm quite eclectic, so I don't like to box myself in a particular category. I like to play with the moment.

m - what is your fondest memory of jewelry?

A - I think I've always coveted my mum's jewelry, like all the smaller pieces that she collected for her daughters.

m - being a wine connoisseur, what would you say is your favourite?

A - From my collection, my favourite wine would be something from the region of Burgundy.

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