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The Moi Muse: How a Frontline Professional Found Respite in Fine Jewelry

If there was someone who could be considered to be the greatest savior, the messiah for the world during the unprecedentedly challenging times that the COVID-19 pandemic subjected the world to, they would be the frontline workers–medical professionals, first responders, food grocery workers, essential service providers—they have been the real superheroes, the real Avengers of Marvel.

While everybody saw and applauded what was happening in front of their eyes, many were oblivious to what actually was behind the PPE. They couldn’t see the tired eyes, the exhausted bodies, and the distraught minds. They forgot that though they were our Avengers, they too were human; they too needed care and support.

The Human Behind the Heroine

Among countless such unknown behind-the-scenes stories was one such story of a New York city-based medical professional—Dr. Priya Nori. An infectious disease physician by profession, Dr. Nori knew she was needed the most when the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic struck and spent the last three years exclusively taking care of patients infected with the disease.

Meet Dr. Priya Nori, an infectious disease physician who had been exclusively taking care of patients with COVID-19 for the past three years.

In search of joy and stability for herself in such unhappy and challenging times, she turned to her innate femininity and its adornments. “I found respite in shopping for fine pieces of jewelry online”, she told us, when sharing how she discovered MOI and “instantly connected with the style and craftsmanship” in which she sees a comforting reflection of her ancestral home of India.

For Dr. Nori, style means endurance, not just an ephemeral trend, and she makes it a point to acquire pieces that mirror this view. “I felt very confident in the product that I was receiving and they’ve endured already for a long time. And I continue to wear these pieces again and again regardless of if I’m wearing jeans or a suit to work or just casually around the home. I always look to my wrists and my necklaces for inspiration from the homeland.”

"I continue to wear these pieces again and again regardless of if I’m wearing jeans or a suit to work or just casually around the home."

Youthful, trendy, and influenced by New York culture, she still has her roots firmly grounded in her ancestral homeland of India, making her an exemplary MOI muse. “I make it a point to always have something that shares my cultural heritage”, she tells us and goes on to add, “So, whether that’s a dupatta from India worn as a scarf or a piece of fine gold jewelry, I always make sure to have something so that it is very apparent to people I’m passing on the street where I come from and which country I take pride in having cultural ties to.”

Like Mother, Like Daughters

Just as she enjoys her fineries, Dr. Nori hopes for her two young daughters to enjoy them too when they grow into fine young women like herself. So, she gives utmost importance to the selection of heirloom pieces. She goes on to say, “I try to purchase two separate things because I have two daughters and I want to make sure that they are able to equally enjoy what I have purchased with them in mind.”

A mother of two beautiful daughters, Dr. Nori hopes for them to enjoy wearing what she purchases with them in mind.

Not just jewelry, she also hopes for them to see and take as much pride as she does in the jewelry and clothing that she purchases from artisans and vendors from India.

Something to Look Forward to

Wearing jewelry is more than just putting on a few pieces—wearing jewelry is a feeling on its own. And Dr. Nori seconds that. She goes on to say, “When I wear jewelry from MOI, I feel my best self; I feel that I’m a strong, smart, interesting, accomplished Indian woman wearing my pieces with pride and sharing that pride with my daughters and those around me.”

"Wearing these pieces has brought me tremendous joy and stability and something to look forward to for the future."

When we listened to her story, we couldn't have been more honored to have her as our muse. And it only adds to our happiness to know that fine jewelry brought her joy and stability during the very unbelievable time for the medical community and gave her something to look forward to. A long-lasting relationship with her is what we look forward to!