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These Gemstone Engagement Rings Will Make Your Proposal Memorable!

From Princess Diana’s whopping 12-carat sapphire ring to the stunning emerald ring with which Nick proposes to his lady love Rachel in Crazy Rich Asians, colored gemstone engagement rings always catch the eye whenever and wherever they pop up. And why wouldn’t they? They’re individualistic, stand out in a sea of diamond solitaires, and are often layered with meaning.

Princess Diana and Kate Sapphire Engagement Rings

Princess Diana and Kate Middleton's Iconic Sapphire Engagement Rings

There’s an entire spectrum of precious stones that can make a gorgeous engagement ring. There are ample gorgeous examples across the globe, both real and reel, to support the case. And if you need some help with deciding which one(s) to go for, we’ve put together a list to help you navigate the world of colored gemstone engagement rings. But first…

Why Go for a Gemstone Engagement Ring in the First Place?

Gemstones of color have their own character and are layered with nuanced meaning and symbolism—sapphires, with their deep blues; emeralds with their lush green hues; rubies, bold and passionate in red. Also, they are relatively affordable as compared to diamonds. If you keep every other factor unchanged, you can get something bigger or even with multiple options for the same price.

Is That Gemstone Even Right for Your Engagement Ring?

While diamond solitaires may have become THE engagement ring (thanks to a brilliant campaign), you have to give it to them they are quite sturdy, especially if you plan to wear your engagement ring every day. While some gemstones might look breathtakingly gorgeous as an engagement ring—we’re looking at you Emerald!, they may not be ideal for everyday wear. Hence, it’s best to consider your lifestyle first and then select a stone that suits it.

You’d also want to consider the color, especially if you’re going to wear your engagement ring every day. It should be something that you’d never get bored of and suits your skin.

Now, on to the next step.

Tanzanite Engagement Rings

Contemporary Gemstone Engagement Rings by Moi

Which Gemstone Engagement Ring Would You Say Yes To?

Here’s a compilation of some gemstones we think are good for engagement rings as an alternative to diamond solitaires.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

blue sapphire engagement ring

Azure Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring by Moi

Blue sapphire engagement rings are the best alternative to their diamond counterparts. Why? They are considerably sturdy, making them ideal for daily wear. Their deep blue gives them an elegant, regal air, perfectly fit for royalty—Princess Di or Princess Catherine, anyone?

Another reason why sapphires are the perfect choice is that their color is considered a symbol of loyalty, faith, and devotion. A true beauty with meaning; what else do you need in an engagement ring?

Ruby Engagement Rings

ruby engagement ring

Vanessa Ruby Engagement Ring by Moi

Rubies are another excellent choice choice for engagement rings. Every other factor apart, they ARE the color of love! Isn’t that enough reason? If not, then allow us to tell you that rubies too, like sapphires, are quite sturdy, ideal for everyday wear.

They are said to symbolize passion, love, and life, and are considered the king of gemstones. Indeed a great choice if you’re looking at making your proposal meaningful and unforgettable.

 Morganite Engagement Rings

morganite engagement ring

Venice Morganite Engagement Ring by Moi

Unlike sapphires and rubies, morganites lie on the subtle end of the spectrum. They are perfect for someone who loves the charm of fairytales and is a romantic at heart. They’re also a lovely choice for someone who prefers muted colors and speaks the language of minimal bling. Though not as sturdy as sapphires and rubies, morganites still are considerably durable provided you take good care of them.

Emerald Engagement Rings

emerald engagement ring

Amor Emerald Engagement Ring by Moi

Emeralds. Who doesn’t admire emeralds and their royal green depths? A preferred choice amongst royals and people of stature, emeralds have earned the moniker, “the gemstone of kings,” and rightly so. They are considered symbols for growth and new beginnings owing to their color, making them an excellent choice to mark the beginning of your happily ever after, wouldn't you agree?

Tanzanite Engagement Rings

tanzanite engagement ring

Tanzanite Engagement Ring by Moi

Tanzanites are the rarest among them all. This factor alone, we feel, makes them a unique choice for an engagement ring. What would be better to show your SO how much they mean to you by popping them the question to them with something as rare as they are?

Though not as tough as sapphires and rubies, emeralds, tanzanite, and aquamarines, can be a great choice if you take sufficient care. These gemstones should be set in 18K gold and protected from impacts and any kind of environmental damage. Always remove them when in the gym, swimming, sunbathing, and so on, and you'll be good to go! :)