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On-screen Proposals (and rings) we love!

We just finished a rom-com marathon and now we can’t stop imagining ourselves in iconic proposal scenes with grand gestures. While everyone goes Gaga over soft blowing wind and the stunning location, our favorite part is obviously THE RING. The most important jewel of a lady’s life.
Let’s just say, we’d say yes in a heartbeat if we’d been presented with any of the following. 

Crazy Rich Asians (Nick & Rachel)
When Nick follows his lady-love Rachel and her mom onto the plane, his proposal says so much about their relationship and their future. Our eyes popped in awe when Nick opened the jewelry box to reveal the stunning emerald!
The emerald sparkler belongs to Nick’s mom in the plot and is hence symbolic of her approval and blessing.
It features a large flawless emerald in the center and has heart shaped diamonds on either side. The gold shank further adds to the luxe look. Jewelry passed on to someone as a heirloom holds just so much more meaning, doesn't it?

Left: Michelle Yeoh wearing the
emerald as Eleanor Young, Nick's mother. 
Right: Nick proposing with his mother’s ring later in the plot.
Nizam Ring with an Emerald centre, worked in Gold and diamonds

Schitt’s Creek (David and Ted)

David and Patrick are another couple who just made each other better. A modern-day love story at best! Patrick proposing to David with a gold version of the rings David always wore just proved how well he knew David. A simple gold band looks bold, is versatile to go with everything you wear and can never go out of style.
Left : David wearing his statement silver rings.
Right : Gold version of the same rings
Our matte finished Gold band with diamond detailing.

Sex and the City (Carrie Bradshaw & Mr. Big)

Carrie Bradshaw’s black diamond ring ushered in a new wave for non-traditional engagement rings.
In the movie, Carrie asks, “Why black?” to which Mr. Big replies: “Because you are not like anyone else.” Well said, Mr. Big!
He then went on to explain that he wanted to find a ring as unique as she was. A regular diamond ring wasn’t good enough for the occasion. The black ring may be an untraditional option, but the exciting combination of diamonds and black onyx makes it look exquisite and glamorous.

Carrie being proposed on Sex and the City with a rare and unique black diamond ring.
Moi’s Slate Ring highlighting and embracing the mother of pearl and its unique natural color.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S (Chandler & Monica)

One of the most popular shows of all time, Friends featured many proposals during its 10-year run. But nothing ever topped the moment when the show’s strongest couple made things official. After Chandler tries to throw Monica off the scent of his upcoming proposal by acting poorly and pretending he never wants to get married, Monica gets really upset. Eventually, things turn around and we witness a romantic, magical candle-lit proposal in the apartment.

A perfectionist like Monica Geller just had to have a perfect ring and indeed she does! Chandler proposed with a three-stone Tacori-style ring which featured a princess cut diamond center stone and two triangular sapphire side stones. A classic combination, the deep royal blue stands out from the white sparkling diamonds and creates a stunning contrast. Another Blue-gemstone stunner after Princes Diana's engagement ring, we would say!
Left: The iconic intimate candlelit proposal of Monica and Chandler.
Right: Chandler’s proposal ring
Moi’s take on the classic royal blue and white combination using blue topaz, blue sapphire and diamonds.

Legally Blonde

Pink bling is obviously a huge part of Elle Wood’s character. In Legally Blonde 2, Elle receives the true to character engagement ring: oval-shaped pink diamond with two side-stone accents. A real show-stopper that elevates and represents her girly, yet bold personality.
Left: Elle Wood’s proposal ring.
Right: Eden Ring by Moi with a red ruby centre stone with prong and pave set diamonds.

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