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6 New Ways to Style Jewelry You Must Try

When Katherine Langford walked the red carpet at the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, every head turned to take a second look at her—not just because she looked stunning and carried herself with effortless grace, but because of how she styled the High Jewelry necklace by the iconic Swiss jewelry house, Piaget.

Katherine Langford makes heads turn with her unconventionally worn Piaget Necklace. Image courtesy: The Market Herald

Her unconventional style inspired us to look back on similar moments from the past, near and far, when women went beyond the conventional boundary and made a statement that would inspire others as well to think outside the box when it comes to how to style jewelry.

When Nonconformists Meet Style

Be it the time when the most beautiful woman of the world, Princess Diana, decided to wear her royal heirloom choker necklace with an unconventional twist, and Masoom Minawala followed suit—

Princess Diana wearing her choker necklace with an unconventional twist

Masoom Minawala looking ethereal in her diamond necklace styled as a headband

Or, be it the iconic moment when the timeless Elizabeth Taylor chose to style her opulent neckpiece into an equally magnificent headgear at the Rothschild’s Proust Ball in 1971—history is filled with numerous such moments when the world’s most loved women chose to forsake the conventional ways to wear the jewelry they owned. Instead, they go bold and leave their mark for the time to come.

Elizabeth Taylor offering lessons on how to style a necklace as a headgear like a pro

Taking inspiration from these timeless beauties, we too decided to step out of the box and restyle some of our favorite jewelry pieces to give them a fresh, new look.

Front or Back—Tassels Work Everywhere!

Taking inspiration from Katherine Langford and Jessica Chastain, we restyled two of our most loved necklaces, the Haldili Tassel Necklace (a personal favorite!) and the Maria Tassel Necklace, into unconventionally elegant back jewelry. Perfectly compliment the backless dress, don’t you think?

how to wear long necklaces

Our Maria and Haldili Tassel Necklaces being perfect examples of how to style necklaces unconventionally

There’s No One Way to Wear a Choker Necklace

Think there’s only one way to style a choker necklace? Think again! Giving rise to a perfect balance of elegance and modernity, our Marrakesh Choker Necklace, styled as a belt works wonderfully and is bound to make heads turn with its unusual placement.

how to wear choker necklace

How to style a choker necklace as a belt 101

Another alternative way that we absolutely love is influenced by none other than the people’s princess. Our aptly named Elizabeth Choker Necklace looks all the more royal when worn as a headgear!

how to wear choker necklace

Styling our Elizabeth Choker Necklace as a headgear

Style Necklace as a Bracelet? Why Not!

Pearls and beads work in every type of jewelry piece and one can never go wrong with restyling a beaded necklace as a chic beaded bracelet—a perfect concoction of sophistication and experimentation.

how to style pearl necklace

Our Meera Pearl Necklace and Mojito Necklace exuberating sophistication in their unusual way

Styling Ring Around the… Neck!

When we were restyling different neckpieces as jewelry to be worn elsewhere, we thought, “why not restyle something else for the neck?!” Lo and behold the elegant Carmen Ring, with its shimmering rubies and diamonds, poised like a chic pendant on the stunning Diana Necklace.

Moi’s Carmen Ring worn as a pendant on the Diana Necklace

A Top? A Brooch? Both!

Molding the past to create the future with a dash of culture and individualism is what makes us what we are. And we absolutely love how Vogue captured it by restyling our Ananta Ear Tops as a classic brooch! It perfectly blends the right amount of culture and sophistication with modernity and unconventionality.

how to style earrings

Moi’s Ananta Ear Tops restyled as a brooch