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Zoa Morani

moi muse

Zoa Morani


She introduces herself as an actress by profession and loves to keep it quiet.

m - how would you introduce yourself? And what's your vibe ?

A - I like simple things I would prefer sitting at home reading a book over going out with friends or noisy places. I have gotten to the quieter zone this day. That's kind of my vibe as of now.

m - what's your favorite time of the day ?

A - I recently got a chance to experience Ashtanga yoga, it teaches me how to handle stress it's not just about the yoga posture. It's such a blessing to me.

m - What's your go to thing ?

A - Most of the time when I am extra tired stressed or whatever the mood I think what really helps me unwind is my breathing practice it's this Pranayam that gives me so much peace no matter where I am it's my go-to thing.

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