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moi muse

shruti ganguly

moi muse

shruti ganguly


she introduces herself as not just a filmmaker, who is always-curious and never-satisfied...

m - how would you introduce yourself?

S - Not just a filmmaker.

m - What are two words that best describe you?

S - Always-curious, never-satisfied.

m - What draws you to fine jewelry?

S - I feel more like my mother, in a good way! Comfortable in elegance.

m - is fine jewelry part of your lifestyle?

S - Yes, whether at a family gathering or a movie premiere or event (even on zoom) you can never have enough statement earrings.

m - Everyday?

S - I’ve been wearing my Moi elements necklace every day so now, yes!

m - what do you think caught your attention in our jewelry?

S - This may sound tired but you just know when you come across something quite special, timeless quality, with fresh design.

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sara singh


she introduces herself as a visual person always searching for beauty and balance, whatever the context...

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