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moi muse

Sara Singh

moi muse

Sara Singh


she introduces herself as a visual person always searching for beauty and balance, whatever the context...

m - how would you introduce yourself?

S - I’m a visual person and I’m always searching for beauty and balance, whatever the context. I’m continuously processing color, light, materials, and texture.

m - what are two words that best describe you?

S - Visual explorer

m - What draws you to fine jewelry?

S - The permanence of it perhaps. Fine jewelry can write its own timeline and co-exist with and then beyond trends. I’m always drawn to places that, even if they are modern, have old architecture intact to tell the story of the place. 

m - is fine jewelry part of your lifestyle?

S - I inherited my grandmother’s gold bangles. I always wear them and they only come off at security checkpoints at airports.

m - what do you think caught your attention in our jewelry?

S - The pieces remind me of travel to faraway destinations, beautiful old buildings, and gardens. More now than ever, while we can’t travel, I long for the magic of walking through bazaars of antiques and vintage finds. this jewelry reminds me of that feeling. Treasure hunting comes to mind.

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book editor

she introduces herself as a believer in the power of the written word to expand our view of humanity and to inspire us to make change...

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