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moi muse

Meera Ganapathi

Writer & Entrepreneur
moi muse

Meera Ganapathi

Writer & Entrepreneur

She introduces herself as a calm and simple person who likes simple things and being by herself.

m - How would you describe your vibe?

A - My vibe is very chill, stay-at-home, and read books sort of thing.

m - What is your favorite part of your work?

A - My favorite part of the job is meeting people because, inevitably, you end up encountering not the kind of people you would meet otherwise; it sort of opens oyur mind.

m - Could you share your fondest memory with jewelry?

A - I remember it was someone's wedding, and my mum gave me these glass beads. I put it in my mouth and played with it, and I clearly remember it because it would catch the light.

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