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moi muse

Annie Shi

Restauranteur & Beverage Director
moi muse

Annie Shi

Restauranteur & Beverage Director

She introduces herself as partner at Kings Restaurant in NYC and a wine lover.

m - How would you introduce yourself?

A - Wine lover, drink peddler, jack of all trades. NYC born and bred.

m - What draws you to fine jewelry?

A - I am always running around and don’t have a ton of time in my day to think about the jewelry I put on. What I love about fine jewelry that I like to wear is that it’s something that you can put on and never take off. It really can become a part of who you are.

m - Is fine jewelry part of your lifestyle? Everyday?

A - I have the pieces that I wear constantly and never take off and then the pieces that are bold and statement - easy to make a decision about and plan your outfit around.

m - what do you think caught your attention in our jewelry?

A - The colors! It’s so hard to do colors in jewelry well, but the combination of stones and other materials is exquisite.

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