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moi muse

Pasham Alwani

Fashion Director/Stylist
moi muse

Pasham Alwani

Fashion Director/Stylist

She introduces herself as a fashion director/stylist who loves to create something out of nothing.

m - How would you define your vibe?

A - I would describe my vibe as super lazy and easy most of the days.

m - How would you describe your style?

A - You will find me with lots of stacked gold jewelry, and with lots of earrings but as minimal as possible.

m - What's your favorite thing about living Bombay?

A - I always try to meet people who make Bombay their home and I also get to meet new people. That's what I like about it.

Pasham's Favorites


Kiran Bir


She introduces herself as a designer whose style icons are full of blinks and sparkles. She describes herself as flagged and fabulous.

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