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moi muse

aastha sharma

Stylist & Entrepreneur
moi muse

aastha sharma

Stylist & Entrepreneur

She introduces herself as a celebrity, OTT/film, fashion, wedding, and personal stylist by profession and the founder at Wardrobist Consultancy and The Wedding Style Project.

m - What is your mantra in life?

A- Believe in yourselves, see what works for you and just, just be confident and just don't be conscious of everything.

m - What is your vibe?

A- My vibe is usually very true and relax when I'm not working and I try to maintain it at work too, but usually doesn't happen. It's been amazing and it's been over ten years and I just feel blessed to be a part of this whole industry and this fashion world.

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She introduces a travel and lifestyle expert and the CEO and founder of the award-winning editorial travel platform Fathom.

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