Jewelry is an object of permanence, something that transcends the boundaries of age and time!
A jewel is not just a form of decoration. It lies close to our skin, our pulse, and carries with it a significance that is highly personal to each one of us who wear it.

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Our Story

Design, for Puja, began in 2003 with her studio AURUS and her endeavor to create timeless fine jewelry that brought together her passion for art and jewelry history paired with a keen eye for superior craftsmanship. A chance visit to a Warby Parker store in New York was the epiphany that led to creation of Moi. Witnessing the change of the status quo firsthand, and how companies were talking directly to their clients, eliminating the middle man and all the noise of selling, instead connecting with the essence of who they were and what their customers were drawn to...these were the founding ideas of Moi.

Founded by the husband-wife duo of Puja and Kunal, Moi was created to address this very need to communicate directly with their clientele and to disrupt/refresh/upend/ the old impersonal system.


Forever craftmanship for every day luxury.

We pronounce this as “mo-yee”, this beautiful word- Moi, which means “me” in French. A collection of fine jewelry created for the women we are, for the women we are becoming and for the ones we admire.

Moi embodies the timeless qualities of simple elegance, the luxury of the handmade, the power and connection of storytelling through jewellery, filtered through India’s rich and varied history.

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Our Muses

MOI is for a global woman. An everyday touch of beauty, a personal treasure, a mini heirloom. It offers a slice of Indian heritage to the modern world. A melting pot of varied cultures and that is where we got up close and personal with seven fabulous women from New York City.

Watch us as we reveal our candid conversations and hear them share their stories, their passion and their love for MOI!
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Here's what our clients have to say!

"I had made a purchase earlier with Moi and the experience was good so that gave me confidence to buy more expensive pieces. The designs are minimalistic and versatile."

Swapna Nair

New Jersey, United States

"I found MOI’s website highly professional and reassuring when it came to my online purchase and received the same kind of support from team MOI when it came to confirming and shipping my order."

Kathryn Hummel

Adelaide, Australia

"The earrings arrived today and I absolutely love them! They arrived just in time for my birthday today and will send pictures of me wearing them. Wanted to send along a photo of me wearing the earrings."

Pallabi Mitra

Rancho Palos Verdes, California

“I found Moi through Instagram! I’m so glad I discovered you! Each and every piece is so special and unique, and unlike a lot of other sort of contemporary or “young” jewelry brands.”

Harleen Singh

Hyderabad, India

"I loved the designs which are inspired to highlight the feminine in every women. The styling and detailing reflect the high standards that one associates with the brand - Moi."

Mekhla Yadav

Bangalore, India

"The simplicity of the brand is what drew my attention. The fact that few ornaments were available, each a class of its own and that the creators were authentic instilled confidence."

Suma K

Bangalore, India

"I discovered you on Instagram. The unique jewellery designs caught my eye . When the craftsmanship and designs were so beautifully presented I guess it called for a leap in faith too. And i wasn't disappointed!"

Rakhi S Ravindran

New Delhi, India

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