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moi muse

Sarayu Natarajan

Entrepreneur & Podcast Host
moi muse

Sarayu Natarajan

Entrepreneur & Podcast Host

She introduces herself as someone who is passionate about politics and technology and is a bubbling parent to a 5-year-old.

m- What draws you to fine jewelry?

A - I'm drawn to fine jewelry because it's lasting, and it's eternal, and it's something you can pass on as a legacy to the next generation.

m - What caught your attention with MOI?

A -It is unlike many other jewelry brands. The aesthetic is very refined and restrained, and it works for a range of things I do. And the jewelry is very wistful and romantic, and it really makes me feel nice wearing it.

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Writer & Entrepreneur

She introduces herself as a calm and simple person who likes simple things and being by herself.

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