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Priya Banerjee

moi muse

Priya Banerjee


She introduces herself as an actress and resonates with Bombay as beautiful chaos—just like herself. carefree, casual and chill yet chic is her vibe.

m - How would you define your vibe?

A - I would describe my vibe as carefree, effortless, casual, and chill yet chic. I never want to look like I tried and I think that's my vibe.

m - What's your favorite thing about being an actor?

A - I think you really have to interest back and understand who you are as a person before you can play a character.

m - What's your favorite thing about living Bombay?

A - It's a hot mess after being here for more than 3yrs; it still surprises me every day. You can predict the unpredictable everyday

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Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

She introduces herself as a fashion and lifestyle blogger. She loves meeting new people from different walks of life every day.

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