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moi muse

Aanchal Malhotra

Author & Historian
moi muse

Aanchal Malhotra

Author & Historian

She introduces herself as an artist, writer, and oral historian, and is the co-founder of The Museum of Material Memory, an online repository of the material culture of the Indian subcontinent.

m - How would you describe your style?

A - My mind is very much rooted in local desi fashion. I love wearing something that tells stories.

m - What aspects do you keep in mind when defining your style?

A -When I put in effort into the things I wear and how I carry myself, it is very much rooted in desi fabric—how it is made, how it is sourced, the design, the elements because if we look back to the history of any textile, there was a reason certain elements entered into the textile, to begin with.

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