The Perfect ‘Something Blue’ Jewels For Your Wedding

You may have heard that brides should include "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" to their wedding day ensemble for good luck. 
But how did it all begin? What's the meaning behind each item? And—the fun part—how to give a modern spin to these traditions. We have the answers.
The tradition is based on a 19th-century, old English rhyme which describes the items a bride should have on her wedding day, namely: "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe."
We have come across a couple of theories about these traditions, although it cannot be confirmed how accurate they are.
"Something old"
generally represents a tie to the past. This item represents the tie between the bride’s past and her family. It could be anything- such as a locket with a picture of a loved one inside. 
"Something new" stood for good luck and optimism for the new chapter in the bride’s life and the future she will spend with her spouse. The exchange of rings between the husband and bride can also count as the ‘something new’.
"Something borrowed" from a happily married friend or relative is believed to bring good luck to the couple. This item is usually borrowed from a family member or a friend of the bride who is happily married, to symbolize support from her family and friends and the transfer of happiness to the bride. 
About the’ something blue’, the color primarily meant to ward off the evil eye. It also stood for love, purity, and fidelity. Did you know? Blue was a popular color to wear for wedding dresses before white wedding dresses became the rage. 
Here’s some jewel-laden ideas for your something blue!

Bridesmaid favours
Your bridesmaids have been your tribe since the day you announced you’re getting hitched. From dress fittings and planning your bachelorette to being there for you when you had cold-feet - they have seen the good and bad, both with you. Why not treat them to a little something special? This could translate as your something blue too. Dainty little fine jewels are something your girls could use all their life after all. Here are some ideas for the same. 
Diana diamond and blue enamel necklace, Memories photo pendant, Belle pearl earrings

D-day jewelry
You must have had your wedding dress all planned. But let’s not forget about the jewelry. Wedding jewelry can hold a lot of symbolic meaning and makes a big part of your wedding day ensemble. Fine handcrafted jewelry, with all the precious gemstones and diamonds that it carries, hold immense value as an heirloom article too. This could be your ‘something new’ or your ‘something blue’. Here are some ideas-
Charis gemstone earrings, Marrakesh Choker Necklace, Zaha blue topaz earrings

Engagement rings
Wouldn’t it be a great idea if you mixed tradition with romance for this oh-so-precious piece of jewelry. Blue is a colour that is quite versatile, so no worrying about the timelessness of it. Sounds like an appealing idea? Check these out!
Mojito handcrafted gold ring, Tanzanite ring, Zaha blue gemstone ring

And the sixpence?
That was intended to bring prosperity to the couple. Although the sixpence was an old Victorian penny, these coins can often be found in some wedding shops.
Now that you know more about where these traditions arose from, go on and tweak them in your own way. That’s where all the fun lies after all!


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