Storytelling through Jewelry

What better way to indulge in everyday luxury than fine jewelry?
Not only does fine jewelry allow space for personalization, this also works to anchor your unique personality.
The beauty of fine jewelry lies in how it ties fun, creativity and sophistication altogether when one shops and styles their fine jewels. Adorning ourselves with the brilliance of gold and diamonds provides us with confidence of feeling stylish and complete. 
Not only do our fine jewels accompany us on our biggest occasions, they also hold the power to create the most meaningful and sentimental memories for us and our loved ones. 
Here’s the story behind a beautiful moment that we were touched to be a part of-
The elements of life pendant

“Dear Moi Team, I've been waiting since August 2020 to order The Elements of Life as a future gift to my goddaughter born in lockdown in June. She was born via surrogate and due to the lockdown, we didn't get to see her for 3 months. The anticipation of Unboxing the Memories necklace with my daughter was precious. Especially as I've just started to teach her how to read. She was able to read the inscription that she always says to - Mama never let go of my heart. She was beside herself seeing and touching the words, knowing one day it will belong to her with all our names. Thank you for this special moment.”

The Memories pendant, a photo locket from MOI is another cult favourite when it comes to gifting jewelry
Above : The Memories pendant - a diamond studded pendant with an emerald in the centre and blue enamel detailing that holds a photograph of your loved ones inside.
Below: Our client, Pallavi wearing her memories pendant.

The right jewelry does not just work as an adornment, but holds stories of a journey of culture, growth and empowerment. When it comes to heirloom jewelry especially, it carries the unmatched value of being passed down through generations. These timeless jewels have complemented changing fashion styles throughout history, without losing its traditional value. And today, our collection of fine jewelry serves as a symbol of women empowerment, conveying our opinions and views through our choice of jewelry designs
Above: The Tanzanite ring, Below: Our client Stuti wearing her Tanzanite ring

Here’s what Stuti Tiwari had to say on what the Tanzanite Ring means to her -
“My obsession with blue stone rings has been since forever. And my dream of owning one (the kind I was looking for) was realized the moment my eyes fell on the blue tanzanite ring by MOI. The classic design, the rare gem, the craftsmanship, everything about this ring is simplicity, beauty and royalty put together. Thank you Moi💙”
Here at MOI, we understand the significance and value of finding the right jewelry for each style, each occasion and each individual. Shopping for jewelry should be an empowering and enjoyable experience, and our online jewelry store enables just that. Starting from the moment you begin your journey at MOI, our team is at your hands to help you navigate through each and every piece and find the one that perfectly compliments you, completely hassle-free.
Nizam ring

Here’s what Kathryn Hummel from Australia, who brought herself the ruby and emerald studded Nizam ring, had to say about her online jewelry shopping experience with MOI.
“What caught my attention was MOI's unique hybrid approach to traditional and contemporary design -as well as the fact they use ethically-sourced diamonds. I felt I could wear MOI’s designs without misappropriating the meaning of more traditional Indian-designed jewelry, whose highly embellished style doesn’t suit me anyway. I found MOI’s website highly professional and reassuring when it came to my online purchase and received the same kind of support from team MOI when it came to confirming and shipping my order.”
Handcrafted with an eye for detail, each of MOI’s unique designs are complete with intricacy and oomph. Celebrating the essence of feminism, our jewelry speaks volumes of who each woman is and also who she wants to be. 
We take pride in creating jewelry that goes beyond its prime purpose of adornment and allows a woman to gift herself self worth, confidence and independence. Inspired by our strong female MOI muses, our pieces are made with passion, purpose and love, empowering women to embrace and elevate their personal look with a luxe touch.


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