Memories pendant - a photo locket

Jewellery is a loaded word. 
It does have monetary value no doubt but its emotional value is far greater. In addition to adding beauty and prestige to an outfit, some jewels have great sentimental value. We recall precious moments everytime we wear a particular piece.

A jewel that serves as a source of strength and inspiration can be classified as sentimental. In a world that feels uncertain at times, many people feel that sentimental jewellery is something they cannot do without. When we feel lost and unsure, a sentimental necklace can give us the strength we need to soldier on. 
The feeling of holding a piece of jewellery and being able to draw strength from its connections is immeasurable. The power of a sentimental necklace or ring is unexplainable. The jewel provides its owner with comfort, joy, inspiration along with the beauty and grace which jewelry embodies.
Additionally, it becomes a conversation piece in new circles as well as family reunions . Sharing meaningful stories with others brings us closer to them. Stories attached to jewels make the jewelry a living being rather than an inanimate object.

Sentimental jewellery keeps memories of our departed loved ones forever fresh in our hearts. When the persons concerned are around us we feel their love and gratitude through the jewelry. The occasions on which they were gifted or received cement the bonds of our relationships. All over the world jewelry commemorates life. 
Wearing the jewel allows us to keep their love close, whether the person is here or there, far or near. For many people, a jewel is a perfect way to express the unending love between themselves and a lost loved one or between themselves and someone they seldom see.

The passing down of heirlooms brings the family together as the origin of the piece is explained. Being given jewellery that’s been in the family for generations is a special experience as a bond is created linking you to the family heritage. 
Popular examples of heirloom jewels are necklaces, engagement rings and bracelets featuring precious gemstones. Typically, the style of the piece is timeless as opposed to a trendy accessory. This allows the new owner to wear it for years and yet be considered in fashion for the next generation.
The Memories pendant - a diamond studded pendant with an emerald in the centre and blue enamel detailing that holds a photograph of your loved ones inside.

This passing down of heirlooms strengthens family bonds as the jewel’s story of origin is repeated time and again. The power comes from the hundreds of memories stored in the jewels.

When one purchases a piece of jewelry during challenging times, it represents an emblem of hope and protection. When it's done for a special occasion it represents tradition and culture of the community.

Jewelry that holds personal symbolism, like photo lockets, capture a certain moment in time, and also preserve it for future generations. Such jewelry becomes even more precious as we can  relive the wonderful memory time and again . 

Photo Lockets add further to the sentimental value as they encapsulate a picture and hold it closer to one’s heart, like being frozen in time.

They connect us to our past, they remind us of people, places, feelings, and stories. They store our personal story, a timeline of our lives filled with familiar  faces and places. It is a form of wearing a narrative of our lives.
Our client, Pallavi wearing her memories pendant.

Pallavi’s word on receiving the Memories Pendant :
“Just received the memories pendant and boy is this what I have always wanted or what! Thank you so much for being a brand which makes these precious vintage inspired everyday jewellery which will eventually find its place as an heirloom piece because it was made and worn with so much love. Even the box was such a refreshing change from the tacky boxes that jewellery comes in nowadays. And the icing on the cake was the message and that too in French. I mean how romantic! 😍 P.s. the husband is mighty thrilled that you literally handed him everything on a platter - all the little details that makes his wife go 😍”
Here's what another patron had to say about the Memories pendant, its story and the power it holds because of its sentimental value.


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