In conversation with seven jewelry-loving New Yorkers

Pavia Rosati - CEO, Fathom

What is a joy greater than that of meeting dynamic, new people! People brimming with positivity and energy, who you instantly connect with. 
At MOI, we have been immensely lucky to constantly be encountering such women day in and day out. Our customers and our confreres, both have been a delight to talk to.
This fall when we travelled to New York, the city rightly nicknamed ‘melting pot’ did not disappoint us. 
During the course of our travels, we met and got talking with some passionate, interesting true-blue New Yorker women who had some fascinating stories to tell us about their work and their interests.
We lived a day in their life and guess what we discovered? They were just as crazy about jewelry as we are!
Annie Shi outside King Restaurant

Our curious nature makes us constantly want to explore the cuisines of the world. One such day of  craving an exciting dinner took us to King Restaurant, a cosy little place with an amazing selection of wines to go with the food. Here we chanced upon meeting the restaurateur herself, Annie Shi- an NYC born and bred wine lover, drink peddler and jack of all trades.
On Annie Shi-  Ivy bracelet with Mother of pearl, diamonds, shell pearls; Memories pendant with Blue enamel diamonds, emerald

Here’s what she had to say-
M - What draws you to fine jewelry?
A - I am always running around and don’t have a ton of time in my day to think about the jewelry I put on. What I love about fine jewelry that I like to wear is that it’s something that you can put on and never take off. It really can become a part of who you are.
M - Is fine jewelry part of your lifestyle? Everyday?
A - I have the pieces that I wear constantly and never take off and then the pieces that are bold and statement - easy to make a decision about and plan your outfit around.  
M - What do you think caught your attention in our jewelry?
A - The colors! It’s so hard to do colors in jewelry well, but the combination of stones and other materials is exquisite.
She went on to say her favourite piece from MOI was the ‘Memories Pendant’ with enamel, diamonds and an emerald, which she felt is capable of pulling her look together and making her ready to serve her guests in style.
A long-time Moi patron and also an excellent adviser all the way from New York, we had to meet creative consultant Rymn Massand. She was witty, energetic, funny, bossy and generous- exactly like we had envisioned her to be from all our zoom calls. 
Rymn Massand, Creative consultant, travel writer, reader, book designer and much more

A proud owner of a MOI ruby bracelet, this is what she had to say about our fine jewelry- 
M - What draws you to fine jewelry?
R - A sense of a story. I like to imagine where this precious object fits into a narrative, and of course how it makes me feel. Precious stones make me feel like I need to take care of them, and adapt my mannerisms to that elegance and grace.
M -  Is fine jewelry part of your lifestyle? Everyday?
R - Like anything else, I believe we should enjoy our fineries daily. I wear a wrist full of delicate gold bracelets ( that I have collected over the years) every single day. Eat off your best plates, bring out the good wine every evening, wear your nicest dresses, enjoy the gilded teacups. Small moments of beauty are what make life richer. 
M - What do you think caught your attention in our jewelry?
R - I like the lack of fussiness, the small details that make it precious and how easily wearable the pieces are. 
M - How do you feel when you wear our jewelry?
R - More elegant, more finessed.
Rymn Massand wear our cocktail ‘Mojito ring’ studded with diamonds and amethyst

Soon after, while exploring what NYC has to offer, we came across Pavia Rosati, the CEO of Fathom and a world-curious explorer. Pavia wearing the ‘Jaipur ring’ studded with rubies and uncut diamonds (polki)
She was full of energy, all smiles and had a clear exuberant vibe to her.  Interestingly, Pavia had an Indian grandmother who used to wear diamond earrings similar to our ‘Jaipur clip-on earrings’. It didn’t come as a surprise that Pavia instantly fell in love with them.
 On Pavia Rosati - Chicago bracelet with diamonds and pearls, for everyday wear  ; Revival necklace, a gemstone necklace handcrafted in gold 

We asked her about her take on fine jewelry and this is what she had to say-
M - What draws you to fine jewelry?
P - The artistry of the designs and the feelings it evokes — beauty, nostalgia, history, love. 
M - Is fine jewelry part of your lifestyle? Everyday?
P - Absolutely. I have special pieces that I rotate, along with a few that I wear almost daily, like my mother’s wedding band and a thin gold necklace I’ve worn since I was 15. 
M- What do you think caught your attention in our jewelry?
P- The pieces are at once strong and delightful, which may be the very definition of beauty. 
It was no surprise that just like us, she too valued good friends and excellent conversations. She also made a very interesting comparison between India and Italy, telling us how the two countries have very similar aesthetics. 
Artist Sara Singh in her studio wearing our Monaco Tassel Necklace

The ruby and diamond ‘Jaipur Ring’ seemed to be a New York favorite, as Sara Singh, an artist, described it as beautiful and blingy yet subtle, with an art deco, dramatic dark feel to it.
We visited her studio and as we got chatting, we found her to be a visual person, always searching for beauty and balance, whatever the context and continuously processing color, light, materials and texture- a visual explorer at heart.
Cocktail rings on Sara Singh- opal ‘Selene ring’; diamond and ruby ‘Jaipur ring’

We were touched when she described her connection with fine jewelry! Take a look at what she had to say-
M - What draws you to fine jewelry?
S - The permanence of it perhaps. Fine jewelry can write its own timeline and co-exist with and then beyond trends. I’m always drawn to places that, even if they are modern, have old architecture intact to tell the story of the place. 
M - Is fine jewelry part of your lifestyle? Everyday?
S - I inherited my grandmother’s gold bangles. I always wear them and they only come off at security checkpoints at airports. I don’t think my grandmother ever took them off. Like me, she liked to travel and lived in many different countries. The subtle clang of the bangles became the soundtrack of her life. And the ring looks great with them! 
M - What do you think caught your attention in our jewelry?
S - The pieces remind me of travel to far away destinations, beautiful old buildings and gardens. More now than ever, while we can’t travel, I long for the magic of walking through bazaars of antiques and vintage finds. This jewelry reminds me of that feeling. Treasure hunting comes to mind. 
Words that keep us going!
Julie Grau

Julie Grau, a book editor, was no different- full of kind words and great stories. A mother of two boys and three big, white, fluffy rescue dogs, Julie told us all about her lovely family and her world of books. 
On Julie Grau - ‘Monaco Tassel necklace’ with pearls and diamonds

What got us to instantly connect with her? Read on!
M - What draws you to fine jewelry?
J - The story behind it. Who made it, who gave it, why it is precious. 
M - Is fine jewelry part of your lifestyle? Everyday?
J - Once something earns its place on my person, it doesn’t come off. I wear a stack of delicate gold rings that my sisters gave me over the years.
The gold is soft and worn down to a shine, the precious yellow and pink sapphires a little worse for the wear, but I love them more with each passing day. I look at them and connect instantly to my sisters, like a dose of oxytocin.
On my left hand, I wear a simple platinum wedding band, also marked by time, and a first anniversary ring that my husband had made for me with diamonds that were the gift of a beloved friend.
The diamonds came from a pair of earrings that had traveled across centuries and continents--they had once belonged to her Hungarian grandmother--and the gesture of her giving them to me was monumental.
The diamonds, from a lost world, to my untrained eye, seem remarkable, distinctive, maybe hand cut. But it’s the story of their provenance that moves me--and how history, friendship, and love come together in this precious ring on my finger. Jewelry that comes with a backstory is so beautifully potent. 
M - What do you think caught your attention in our jewelry?
J - The sense of color, the vibrance, the fine, hand-crafted details--and that it is rooted in a place with a heritage of making objects of exquisite beauty and honoring the touch of the creator. 
It was an interesting evening, no doubt, with Julie who believes in the power of the written word and its ability to expand our view of humanity and to inspire us to make change. 
It’s always fun to get acquainted with people in the creative fields, there’s a charm to these right brains. 
On Simoul Alva - ‘Revival necklace’ with diamonds and gemstones; ‘Rory Gilmore Earrings’ with tourmaline and black enamel

Like Simoul Alva, an illustrator, who left us complete baffled with her colourful world of creative concepts of visuals.
It came as no surprise that this colour loving woman loved our colourful jewelry.
Especially earrings! Isn’t that so relatable? Classic gemstone or diamond earrings are the easiest way to accessorise.
Illustrator Simoul Alva

What she had to say about the fine jewelry at MOI? Intricate and delicate jewelry with exceptional look and feel. 
On Shruti Ganguly - The Geometric ‘Hexa clip on earrings’ with Amethyst; Tanzanite ring with diamonds

Another fan of earrings - especially statement earrings, is a film-maker who we chanced upon at the Brooklyn Bridge. Shruti Ganguly, who introduced herself as ‘not just a film-maker’ instantly fell in love with our colourful, gemstone-studded jewelry; just like we did with her work and her stories. She had us grinning from cheek to cheek when she told us how our everyday wear jewelry gives her a fancy touch while she’s on set.  
On Shruti Ganguly - ‘Selene ring and Selene studs’ with opals

Here’s what she had to say about her connection with fine jewelry-
M - What draws you to fine jewelry?
S - I feel more like my mother, in a good way! Comfortable in elegance.
M - Is fine jewelry part of your lifestyle?
S - Yes, whether at a family gathering or a movie premiere or event (even on zoom) you can never have enough statement earrings.
M -  What do you think caught your attention in our jewelry?
S - This may sound tired but you just know when you come across something quite special, timeless quality, with fresh design.
She didn’t stop there! She compared our ‘Selene ring’, an opal ring, to a magic crystal ball full of mysticism and magic. Obviously we wish it would actually make us some happy future predictions and answer when we could go dancing and back to restaurants!
Looking back, this trip and meeting such fabulous jewelry lovers left us with no doubt that women, from wherever, doing whatever - LOVE jewelry!


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