How To Gift Fine Jewelry During A Pandemic

With Diwali just over and the pandemic not showing any signs of bidding us a goodbye, gifting gold, diamonds or pearls is the new normal. Let us explain.

There is no denying it, our reality has changed significantly over the months due to the coronavirus. New ‘norms’ are being established as people adjust to heightened hygiene habits. Therefore it seems like a no brainer that shopping behaviour this year has taken a drastic turn. Reports have suggested that consumers are connecting, now more than ever, to the sentimental, emotional nature of jewelry - which is what we’ve always believed in. 

So, as we head to the end of the year and prepare to start 2021 with a new mindset, we've culled together some special events for you to spoil your loved ones with necklaces, rings, earrings and more! 

  • Diwali Gift: 


Featured: Elements Of Life Bangle

For a break from the lazy quarantine mood, it is a good idea to turn to bright, joyful designs for making an impression to your loved ones along with a mood boost.  

As a suggestion, we’ve handpicked this stunning Elements Of Life Bangle which is our attempt to offer a piece of jewelry that emits positive vibes. This Green Adventurine bangle handcrafted with fluid gold detailing running across the middle, carries four gemstones interspersed with four uncut diamonds. The four gemstones stand for each element, Emerald for Earth, Ruby for Fire, Yellow Sapphire for Air, Blue Sapphire for Water.

  • Birthday Gift : 


Featured: Firdos Necklace

With the virus around, you need a booster doze of glam apart from just a slice of cake! Personifying glam, the beautiful Firdos Necklace from MOI is a riot of colours and comes with a mixed bag of techniques, uncut diamonds and varied gemstones like emerald, ruby, sapphires and amethyst among others, strung on a line of pearls, with an adjustable hook and eye closure.

This necklace could serve as an excellent gift to your loved one or even as a birthday gift to yourself!

  • Christmas Gift : 


Featured: Tahiti Earrings

If we had to describe the colourful baubles hanging from a brilliantly decorated, we would say they are sentimental pieces that we just get ourselves to part with. The same goes for handpicked fine jewelry too — especially if you are someone like us who deeply connects with precious, classy jewelry. 

As a suggestion for a pretty little Christmas present, we’ve handpicked our stunning Tahiti Emerald and Pearl Drop earrings which are handcrafted in gold to highlight the sheer beauty of the Tahitian pearl. The earrings hold a diamond pierced pearl in the centre, surrounded by a ring of champagne diamonds and emeralds. The peeking little emeralds serve as a mark of Christmas cheer and also break the monotone colour.

  • Mother’s Day Gift : 


Featured: Memories Pendant

The ultimate icon of beauty and love, give your mother the most memorable gift that she can wear to the office or while she works from home. Because let’s face it, could we have gotten through this year without her? 

Our photo locket pendant is a perfectly beautiful gift that stays close to your mom’s heart, has an aesthetic appeal and also holds stories on the inside. A perfect gift to forever mark your love and gratitude towards her on Mother’s Day. The Memories Pendant is worked in a silver & gold alloy with hints of pure gold embellished with rose-cut diamonds and exquisite enamel details with a green emerald at the centre.

  • Graduation Gift :


Featured: Harmony Ring

Whatever the season, whatever the problem, life must go on and no one should be prouder than students who’ve had to face the proverbial bulls by the horns this year by overcoming disappointments, confusion, stress and maybe so much more! To celebrate their victory, we suggest gifting them a memorable piece from a fine jewelry brand like ours, for their deserving, outstanding achievement.

Gift your daughter or even your sister with this breath-taking Harmony Diamond Ring. This ring is one-of-a-kind quite literally like your superstar daughter or sister and is part of a capsule range of limited edition rings, handcrafted in gold holding champagne baguette diamonds and princess-cut diamonds.

  • New Year Gift :


Featured: Monaco Tassel Necklace

Just as the fireworks light up the sky like stars that you can almost touch, what a great feeling it would be to be a receiver of our Monaco Tassel Necklace.

Imperfect and the edgy, this statement neckpiece subtly commands attention of the artistic eye. A rare combination of grey and brown iridescent pearls and mother of pearl makes this tassel necklace even more interesting. Worked in gold and silver this piece is embellished with rose-cut and uncut diamonds. The design is then strung with a silk thread and an added uncut diamond studded unit on each side.

So if you want to cheer up a loved one with a nice gift or simply need the serotonin boost that comes from an exciting purchase, head to our website to handpick something you’ll treasure for years to come!



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