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The list of what India, one of the richest sources of inspiration for global fashion has given to the world goes on...

India, with its diverse regions has long been a muse to the fashion industry all over the world. With international boundaries becoming more porous, the influence of Indian culture, crafts and techniques - like usage of polki diamonds, meenakari (also known as enamel), intricate handloom weaves, embroidery as well as a rich history of art and culture on international fashion - has only increased. 
Right from the ancient Indian headwear to beautiful embellished juttis, designers from all over the world have taken a dig at portraying the culture of India on runways.

Here are some brands that nailed their attempts at India-Inspired looks, with the outfits reimagined and styled with fine jewelry from MOI. 

A mixed representation of colonial India and India as an exotic land.

The collection designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, expectedly bordered on campiness, with the models sporting turbans made of lamé, crocodile skin and silk.

Though the theme of the show was quite cliché, the clothes looked absolutely luxurious. Colonial styles such as Jodhpuri pants and modern ones like the Nehru Jacket in a variety of Indian jewel tones served as reminders of the brand's luxe legacy.

This immediately had us picturing a gorgeous diamond ring with a sparkling deep red ruby shimmering alongside the muted white and ivory tones in the collection.
Contrasting colours instantly make an outfit look like it has been painstakingly styled. An easy way to do this is by accessorizing with contrasting coloured jewelry. An ochre gown with beaded emerald hoop earrings or a fuschia pant suit making a statement with a luxury diamond and pearl choker necklace - no sweat, yet striking in appearance.Hermès, Spring/Summer 2008, Jewelry: Nur choker necklace, Paris earrings)(Hermès, Spring/Summer 2008, Jewelry: Colombo hoops, Jaipur Ring)(Hermès, Spring/Summer 2008, Jewelry: Mojito Ring, Sun cross pendant)(Hermès, Spring/Summer 2008, Jewelry: Songs of Summer Pendant, Revival Necklace)

Inspired by the wardrobe of an aristocrat visiting colonial India, a portrayal of Indian and Edwardian influences in equal measure.

Sari-inspired silhouettes, high-necked shirts, Nehru collars and caped gowns- The clothes were feminine, intricate and beautiful, all-time features of Elie Saab couture. It was stunning how the clothes weren’t just an outsider’s view of India during British colonisation, but pieces that clearly showed careful research. 

A beautiful, handmade collection – the description holds true for both Elie Saab as well as MOI’s diamond and gemstone jewellery. We particularly love the vision of Elie Saab’s delicate whites with our diamond and pearl bracelets and a cocktail red ruby ring.(Elie Saab Couture, S/S 2016, Jewelry: Jaipur Ring, Heer Bracelet)(Elie Saab Couture, S/S 2016, Jewelry: Zoe Clip-On Earrings, Ivy Bracelet) (Elie Saab Couture, S/S 2016, Jewelry: Charis Earrings, Tanzanite Ring)(Elie Saab Couture, S/S 2016, Jewelry: Barbara Earrings, Twin ring)

A collection mirroring Indian sartorial traditions with a hint of Bollywood glam.

The collection seamlessly blended Indian influences with the dreamy Marchesa aesthetic. The Indian touch was bought in with colors such as deep red, rani pink, sunset orange, pale green and indigo blue. While a few looks failed to hit the mark, the draped sari-like wispy gowns and the South Indian mundu-inspired white and gold dress were definite hits - and our personal favorites!

While we are on the Mundu, we would like to highlight our Thewa earrings - a pair of gold earrings with age old craft techniques from India. The Waheeda earrings in gold with rich yellow tones work great too. Moreover, being light weight makes the earrings perfect for a sensitive ear.

South Indian finesse at its best!(Marchesa, S/S 2013, Jewelry: Thewa Studs, Flower Of Life Ring)(Marchesa, S/S 2013, Jewelry: Revival Necklace, Serendipity Earrings)(Marchesa, S/S 2013, Jewelry: Turkish Earrings, Eve Ring)(Marchesa, S/S 2013, Jewelry: Marrakesh Necklace, Zaha Earrings)

Inspired from Indian architecture, auto rickshaws, elaborate decorated Himayalan yaks, barbershops and pom poms - this was all Indian Kitsch.

Stella Jean is known for globally-inspired looks and mixing multi-cultural influences to create an eclectic aesthetic. For this collection, she brought the Himalayas to the runway.
This blended superbly with the Haitian and Italian ones to create her staple silhouettes — dresses, balloon skirts, slouchy pants, knits and long coats. It was a wild, colourful, eccentric explosion with some spotting of pom poms and some deft layering of winter wear — another feature perhaps borrowed from Himalayan sherpas.

The collection therefore can be summed up as pages from the travel diary of Stella Jean.
Fine jewelry from MOI is just this, inspired by the world, made in India.
Our Meera Pearl earrings are a case in point, an artistic celebration of the colourful land of India with its rich red and white combination. The luxury offered by the diamonds, pearls and rubies in this pair of drop earrings is reminiscent of the lavish lives of the Nizams.
(Stella Jean, Fall 2015, Jewelry: Evil Eye Bracelet, Miranda Bracelet)
(Stella Jean, Fall 2015, Jewelry: Meera Earrings, Jaipur Ring)(Stella Jean, Fall 2015, Jewelry: Firdos Necklace, Roohi Earrings)(Stella Jean, Fall 2015, Jewelry: Jaipur Earrings, Jaipur Ring)

A collection of creative excesses with a whiff of fantasy of India’s perceived exoticism.

A reflection of the extravagance of the Maharajas of India, the collection tried to recreate the decadence of the rich few and refute the assumption that intricate handworked embroidery can only be found in India — after all, all the lavish and detailed ‘India-inspired’ work in this collection was done at the Chanel ateliers in Paris.

The looks that married Parisian-chic dressing with intricate jewellery and pops of rani pink highlighted the Indian influence and for us. Particularly, the tweed jackets dripping with pearls, dresses worn over boots that worked as leggings, raw silk brocade tunics and pants, and heaps of gold and silver embroidery. 

Like the colour Rani pink which is truly Indian but steals hearts everywhere it goes, so is our Emerald Nizam ring. Luxurious yet subtle, this statement gemstone ring features elegance, not too different from the Lagerfield dresses.(Chanel, Pre-Fall 2012, Jewelry: Slate Ring, Slate Clip-On Earrings)(Chanel, Pre-Fall 2012, Jewelry: Nizam Ring, Sikar Haldili)(Chanel, Pre-Fall 2012, Jewelry: Hyderabad Earrings, Nur Earrings)(Chanel, Pre-Fall 2012, Jewelry: Rose Earrings, Red Mogul Silver Tassel Necklace)

Highlight of the show - stylized versions of the nath, hugely popular during the times of maharajas.

In India, nose piercings are a sign of a married woman, particularly popular with Gen X and baby boomers. It is usually worn on the left nostril in the form of a stud called a phul, and sometimes, as a ring known as Nath. Sometimes, on occasions, the Nath is elaborated by joining it to the ear by a chain. This nose piercing jewellery has globally inspired many variants. Notably, the nath version has become popular, as seen in this adaptation by the famous international designer.

Just like the nath which is an accessory with a beautiful history behind it, so is all the jewellery from our online MOI store, inspired by history and revamped to modern tastes.
Have a look at our Marama choker, with hues of black and silver and tassels of pearls, this statement necklace will leave you wondering where the Indian influence ends and where the global influence starts. It is truly a beautiful piece where east meets west.(Jean Paul Gaultier, Haute Couture, F/W 2017-18, Showcasing Nath,
Jewelry: MariaTassel Necklace, Marama Choker )(Jean Paul Gaultier, Haute Couture, F/W 2017-18, Showcasing Nath,
Jewelry: Chicago Earrings, Rory Gilmore Earrings)(Jean Paul Gaultier, Haute Couture, F/W 2017-18, Showcasing Nath,
Jewelry: Hexa Clip-On Earrings, Heer Necklace) (Jean Paul Gaultier, Haute Couture, F/W 2017-18, Showcasing Nath,
Jewelry: Mehr Earrings, Nizam Ring )

At a time when fashion narratives are influenced by the west and India is portrayed as a land of kitsch and flamboyance, the influence of the rich design and artisanal heritage of India, along with our endeavor to offer products with a layer of sophistication and minimalism helps our jewelry complement styles from around the world!


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