Around the World in 5 Jewels

The excitement of being in a new place, the uncertainty and the anticipation. Places, especially ancient cities, bring out a different side of our personality.  We, at MOI, want to share city stories with you.
A homage to the cultures and places that never cease to inspire us.

Tighten your seat belts for a journey through 6 iconic cities, their spirit, their beauty and their essence with our jewels set into a narrative. Enticing mental images of places, summarized by our jewels to complete the visual story.

Nestled in the midst of Aravalli hills, streets flanked by forts, food stalls, bustling bazaars and monuments . Broad avenues and spacious gardens, an occasional horse tonga taking someone across the city. Women dressed in bright hues giggling against buildings made with pink painted sandstone where once lived the Maharajas.

Jaipur, the pink hued paradise steeped in history and culture. The royal town with a rich cultural heritage. An epitome of unique old world charm along with a twist of modernity ….much like our new favorite Nizam Pendant. 
Emerald and pink, an iconic royal color combination. Its playful gold chain with diamond details is subtle yet eye catching as the piece summarizes Jaipur and its visual narrative.
Emerald and diamond studded minimal gold Nizam Pendant

Shining shop fronts, the glistening of a wet pavement, hurrying people,  rivers of cars and omnibuses. Buildings that have seen the modern age pass by, standing in silent witness, weathered rocks stretching towards the blue. 

Dynamic, exciting yet classic and never loud. That’s the essence of London. The city which always has stylish surprises around every corner. Londoners are known to reinvent the classics to express their individual personalities, never letting go of the quirky spirit of London. So, what do you get when you blend the old and the new?
 A unique style identity that is classic with a twist. The Grace Kelly Pendant ticks all the  boxes. As a classic single pearl along with a diamond arc detailing resulting in an iconic look that is fearless yet timeless. Polished but not overboard. A piece resonating with the city of London

Pearl and diamond everyday wear Grace Kelly pendant necklace

Cobblestone streets with gloriously ornate fountains and statues. An enchanting landscape along with a romantic blend of culture and history. Gorgeously haunting ruins, awe inspiring art and a vibrant street life

Rome is all about idling around picturesque streets, whiling away hours at street-side cafes, people-watching on pretty piazzas. The tempo rises in the evening when fashionable drinkers descend on the city’s bars and cafes for a sociable aperitivo (drink with snacks) and trattorias hum with activity. 
Home to some of the most luxurious fashion and jewelry brands in the world. Roman style and aesthetic is heavy on details just like our pearl and diamond necklace. Small elements of diamond arrays alternate the pearls. The pearls are pierced with diamonds, a unique detail that elevates the necklace and makes it even more glamorous.

Pearl and diamond studded Chicago necklace

An orange gem resting on a blue glass plate: it’s Venice seen from above -Henry James

It's easy to get caught up in the feeling of a city like Venice, full of harmonious color floating on crystal waters. Novelists, historians, and travel writers -  all inspired by this ancient city.  From the majesty of its canals to the sumptuousness of Carnivale, the city never ceases to delight.
You could be sitting in courtyards of stone, and your heels clicking as you climb up marble stairs, getting lost in the labyrinths  of Venice but not without riding upon or crossing the waters.
 A stunning contrast created by the yellows of the buildings against the blue waters. Yellow,  the hero of our gorgeous pair of earrings, perfectly characterizes the color of Venice. Earrings in a bright yellow citrine with brilliant cut diamonds surrounding it. While the colour palette is harmonized by gold, white and bright yellow the geometric forms give it an edge to this brilliant creation.
Citrine gemstone studded statement Sienna earrings

San Francisco itself is art, above all literary art. Every block is a short story, every hill a novel. Every home a poem, every dweller within immortal. That is the whole truth. William Saroyan

Although famous for its Golden Gate Bridge, steep streets and Alcatraz it has much more to offer.  San Francisco is one of the most diverse cities in the US. It is home to people of varied backgrounds and cultures which greatly influence its art, food, fitness, fashion and museums.
Our effortless and versatile jewelry fits like a glove to this city. Our striking pieces are diverse with rich blue enamel  borders for  brilliantly cut diamonds, placed delicately next to each other in ever new styles.

Black enamel and diamond dainty gold Diana necklace


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