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‘No heirloom of humankind captures the past as do art and language.’
- Theodore Bikel 

We often long for objects of the past to hold onto the nostalgia and memorabilia of people and things we love. For years, families have held onto charms and trinkets that have been passed on to their younger generations to commemorate the love and belonging within the family. Heirloom jewelry is one of the best examples of this emotional attachment.

(Image features : Heer necklace and Meera Pearl necklace from MOI)

Not only is jewelry a valuable memory to cherish the legacy of a family, but owing to the use of precious metals and materials like gold, gemstone and diamonds with a life almost immortal, it is an article that can withstand years of wear without losing its value. also helps preserve a work of art.
Jewelry is often handed down on special occasions like graduation, weddings, child-birth which is what makes one attach an unmatched value to it and reminds one of the time.
There are a few factors you might want to consider while passing on a jewel as an heirloom keepsake, other than it being beautiful and valuable. One is that if the jewelry features a versatile design, your dear one can wear it often and maybe even on a daily basis and make good use of it. 
If it is a piece of bridal jewelry that’s heavier and cannot be worn regularly, it is a good idea to know its metal and materials so that you are sure it's going to last eternally. Most importantly, the story behind the jewelry is what adds emotional value and is something you should definitely keep in mind. One example of such jewelry are photo pendants (that hold a photograph inside a locket) so that one can carry their loved ones close to their hearts. 

  • Memories Pendant, MOI
  • Often, movies embody this photo pendant as a symbol of love from a mother to her daughter as a reminder of her unconditional feelings. We have one such jewel at Moi too, what we call aptly, the memories pendant. 
    Embodying the unique handcrafted technique of royal blue Meenakari (enamelling) with alternating diamonds and an emerald at its centre,  this is a piece of jewelry that can be a perfect gift for your loved one.

    (Memories pendant - a photo locket with enamel and diamonds, MOI)

  • Love Bracelet, Cartier
  • Dare we say, this is the most popular piece of jewelry ever designed! While most luxury jewelry is worn to wear on special occasions, the Cartier Love Bracelet, which makes for a perfect everyday wear accessory changed this notion. This bracelet that comes with its own screwdriver for locking and unlocking purposes, is one of the few jewels that make an exceptional heirloom article for both men and women. And we have no doubt, the receiver of this iconic bracelet is bound to make its fullest use.
    The Cartier Love bracelet

  • Serpentine watch, Bvlgari
  • If you’re a lover of the finer things in life, you have definitely had your eyes on this one; Or are you already a proud owner of this enchanted icon?
    The Serpenti watch, inspired from the serpent - the symbol of enchantment, like other luxury jewels, has seen a lot of revamp over the years, and each one has been a sight for sore eyes. Except for a few models that fall under the ‘high jewelry category’, Bvlgari has stuck to versatile colours and design for the Serpenti, that make the watch an extremely wearable piece of luxury to pass down as an heirloom.

    (Bvlgari Serpenti tubogas women’s watch in rose gold)

  • Gemstone Rings, MOI 
  • Gemstones are the epitome of luxury. And rings have always been a sign of absolute love and everlasting promises, be it from a mother to daughter, husband to wife or even as a symbol of true friendship. For years, we've witnessed the priceless feeling that comes when a mother hands down a ring to her son to give to his lady for their big day. 
    The MOI Nizam Ring is a gorgeous example for heirloom jewelry. India-inspired, this gemstone and diamond ring is an ode to the colorful country. We especially love the contrast of rubies on the shank, peeking on the sides.

    (L to R: Jaipur Ring -  a ruby and polki ring, Tanzanite ring,  MOI)

    Another ring we suggest is our Tanzanite ring. It flaunts a rich hue and a halo of diamonds surrounding it, and is a  jewel that could even make for a special ‘something blue’, that you could pass down to your kin. 
    For someone who loves colour, these handcrafted rings are just perfect!

  • Solitaire rings
  • Timeless and elegant, solitaires are everyone’s favourite. Although most popularly seen in rings, solitaires even make beautiful necklaces. There is something exceptional about a sole diamond being so spectacular that it is all that’s needed to make a magnificent piece of jewelry. 
    Because of the everlasting quality of this style, it makes for a great heirloom accessory - one that’s always to retain its precious value.  

    (From Beyonce to Jennifer Anistone, Solitaires are everyone’s preferred style)

  • Tank watch, Cartier
  • The Cartier Tank Watch completed its 100 years just a few years back, and it was seen as an iconic moment for timepieces, and why shouldn’t it? There isn’t a watch more classic than the Cartier Tank. 
    Watches are a popular heirloom accessory, and when it is a classic one like this, it becomes invaluable- something your daughter or granddaughter will cherish forever.
    (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and the Cartier 1962 Gold Tank watch)
  • Revival Necklace, MOI
  • A necklace is a personal statement that one usually wears according to their personal style. When it is a necklace that you want to give as an heirloom, it has to be a special one. One way to go is to gift a gold necklace, and if you have special memories attached with India- maybe a family vacation where you explored rich Indian crafts, our Revival Necklace is a perfect choice. 
    India-inspired, the revival necklace holds happy hues of red, green, yellow and pink. The elements on this neck piece bring together a mix bag of techniques, uncut diamonds, ruby, emerald, amethyst, pearls and pink tourmaline; strung on a line of faceted labradorite beads, with an adjustable silk thread closure.
    (Revival Necklace- a gemstone and uncut diamond necklace handcrafted in gold , MOI)
  • Fountain Pens
  • With emails and texting taking over the norm of writing, pens and letters are soon going to be a thing of the past. And we all know, rarities are always valued.
    So if you’ve ever been a writer or a fan of collectibles like an ink pen, stamps or calligraphy pens, we suggest you pass it down as an heirloom.
    Picture this - your son or daughter are at an iconic moment in their life. Maybe they’re officiating their marriage, or signing a deal that they’ve worked so hard for. A signature with a pen passed down lovingly to them is going to make these moments even more sentimental. And what’s more, a vintage pen in those fancy old boxes, looks tremendously stylish!


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