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Nothing makes a statement quite like an earring, it adds flair to a simple outfit and can be the perfect pick me up for when you really need glam. In true form, statement earrings are the easiest type of jewelry to wear because just one accessory is needed to immediately amp up a pair of shirt and jeans or a patterned dress, especially if you can match a single or specific color of the dress to the color of the earring. 

Take a look at 7 of our effortless yet powerful, fine jewelry earrings that are classics drawing inspiration from traditional motifs or edgy unusual designs and are sure to add some personality and color to your outfit:

HEXA CLIP-ON EARRINGS -  Carefully selected gemstones and clean symmetry make for excellent statement fine jewelry earrings. One such accessory is the Hexa Clip-On Earrings with a striking Amethyst stone, which is designed to take you from across the world and back, looking effortlessly chic as you tuck your hair behind your ear in Parisian cafes, or wander through the medina in Morocco buying baskets, or even head to a night out in New York. What makes it a statement? Color and the edgy shape being the focal point of design here, these earrings proudly boast of the colour from the natural purple amethyst at their centre. The unit is then finished with a diamond studded motif and gold details.

 Hexa clip-on geometric Amethyst earrings

PARIS EARRINGS -  While designing the Paris Earrings, we were influenced by the beautiful French city of Paris and the citrine gemstone which remind us of the iconic Art Deco movement that started there. Worked in gold, these earrings highlight eye-catching golden citrines bordered with brilliant-cut diamonds that whisper sweet endearments into your ear reminding you of the city of sophistication and high end style. What makes it a statement? The Paris Earrings lend a pop of beautiful yellow color to spice your attire up. Reminiscent of the golden hue of the beautiful sunset, these earrings are perfect partners to a variety of outfits you've got including your evening wear.

Paris citrine gemstone earrings

CARIBBEAN EARRINGS -  Inspired by the Caribbean and the striking colour palette of the waters therein, our Caribbean fine jewelry earrings tell a mesmerizing tale of harmonious tones. Pick this pop of green as a statement earring if you are wearing a solid color shirt and in case you’re feeling experimental, you can also accentuate a chic printed dress and step out with flair! These earrings are sure to speak volumes about your personality! What makes it a statement? Color being the centre of the design here, these one-of-a-kind handcrafted earrings flaunt the deep green, oval shaped onyx that acts as a bed for the diamond-studded motif set on it. The green onyx is further secured by a gold rim and the whole unit is then attached to diamond-studded clasps.

Caribbean green onyx earrings

CHICAGO PEARL EARRINGS  -  We are all often found overthinking how to style statement earrings, but all we need to really do is let the jewels, with the value of luxury that they hold, work their magic. And you just cannot go wrong with pearls, can you? These handcrafted drop earrings are handcrafted in gold with pavé diamonds and beautiful pearls pierced with diamonds, placed intermittently. From cocktail nights, get togethers, galas and romantic dinner, these earrings feature a design and color palette fit for it all. What makes it a statement? These pearl dangler Earrings feature the perfect combination of diamond and pearls throughout their length, which makes the pair impossible to miss! 

Chicago pearl and diamond earrings

ZAHA EARRINGS -  A spectacle of iridescence worked in 14k gold, these gemstone studded earrings in all blues personify absolute elegance. The Zaha earrings celebrate geometrical forms with a fluid aesthetic, owing to the crystalline blue topaz, diamonds mounted on a based of gold and a blue sapphire to finish. Added to that, the pop of black enamel does wonders to create contrast. What makes it a statement? These earrings highlight the sheer beauty of the vibrant colours of gemstones. Because of the versatile blue hues, these earrings can be worn to suit any style of outfit- western or Indian.

Hexa clip-on geometric Amethyst earrings

COLOMBO HOOP EARRINGS  -  The Colombo hoop earrings -  a contemporary, rich take on your everyday hoops - are a perfect addition to your collection if you’re looking for a real modern day, statement maker. A mélange of carved, lush green onyx  gemstones, old school craftsmanship, and luxurious materials, these fine jewelry earrings are the perfect accessory for adding tons of color. If you are someone who identifies with the ‘old meets new’ style, this earring is for you to keep as a mini heirloom. What makes it a statement? Worked in 14k gold, these earrings are finished with rose-cut diamonds and a pop of contrasting red enamel.  Pair it with monotones, blacks, for effortlessly adding a glamorous finishing touch to the outfit!

Colombo carved green onyx hoop earrings

Our stunning fine jewelry earrings are sure to make a statement as they boost your trendy style quotient; Be it a date night, a formal event, a special occasion, or a casual brunch outfit - You can count on MOI.


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