10 Jewelry Pieces To Ace Your Work From Home Professional Look

A major change that has undergone a snowball effect in the lockdown times is ‘Work From Home’. While we stay hooked on to our screens, still adjusting to new routines and having nowhere to go to and no one to meet, dressing up naturally takes a backseat.

For all of us whose lives resemble the ‘wake up, work, sleep, repeat’ pattern, we must remember that dressing up is an aspect to facing the day that really helps in staying motivated and positive, no matter how times change.

When logging in for work-related meetings or a regular day at work, it’s often the norm to display minimalist jewellery pieces. Simply because pops of colour and funky earrings might be your favourite thing to wear, it does not make them appropriate work-wear jewellery. Another important thing to remember is that with work-from-home, webcam-assisted meetings are focused more on your face. This means that while you maybe wearing an anklet everyday – it doesn’t really show on the webcam. Therefore, it helps to focus on accessorizing your upper body, with earrings, rings and bracelets. But worry not! This does not mean you  have fewer options. Just with these too, the sky’s the limit when it comes to MOI.

Keeping all of this mind, sometimes it can be daunting to find the right look quickly for your virtual meetings, so to get the boss lady in you situated to work from home everyday, we've got some tips for you to learn how to accessorize well for a work-from-home day.

Here’s our guide to the essentials you can invest in for a stylish work-from-home routine.

1. Go Offline and Online With The Onyx Pearl Earrings

Subtle diamond earrings such as this one, are a wonderful example of exactly the kind of work-from-home jewellery you should don. That’s why we recommend our Onyx Pearl Earrings when attending a meeting– virtually or physically! 

This pair here is crafted in gold and holds a beautiful south sea pearl drop with a diamond studded ring on top. This is attached to a kite shaped unit with diamonds set around a black, prong-set onyx. So, if you’re looking to jazz up your everyday style and feel complete without looking like you're too glitzy to be in the office, get shopping! 

What’s more? These earrings make for great accessories for a dinner or a house-party too.

2. Not Your Average Nizam Ear Studs


Wear these ear studs with the matching Nizam ring whether you’re at a zoom meeting or working with your team in the office, and it’s sure to catch everyone’s eye. These emerald ear studs are an ode to the colorful land of India with its iconic red and green hues. The design is handcrafted in gold and diamonds with an emerald set at the heart and a surprise detail of red enamel peeking on the sides. 

Ace your accessorizing game with these stud earrings which are perfect for  when you don't want to go overboard and look too flashy for office. 

3. The Mystic Naksh Necklace


With mystery and magic in the name itself, the ‘Naksh’ necklace is a perfect piece of everyday jewellery that comes in handy when you want to accessorize subtly. Its easy going design is inspired from celestial bodies that magnificently light up the dark. Starting out with diamond studded bars strung on a gold chain interspersed with pearls, this necklace resembles the night sky full of stars and carries just the perfect amount of sparkle needed while working from home.

A perfect companion for the minimalist in you, this necklace is sombre and subdued with handcrafted elements in silver and rose cut diamonds. This design comes with an adjustable hook and eye closure for added safety and comfort.

4. Zaha Ring- Inspired from architecture marvels! 


As you can tell, our Zaha Ring has been marked by upscale design to complement your luxurious formal look. Inspired by Zaha Hadid's style and the ideology of liberating from the age old rules of architectural geometry, we gave the Zaha Ring a whole new expressive identity. In this ring we tried our hands at working with geometrical forms and gave it a fluid water-like aesthetic with a choice of fine gemstones like blue topaz, diamonds mounted on a base of gold and a blue sapphire for added brilliance.

Working at home is all about comfort and with this ring you won’t be compromising your comfort in any way. You get to be your own style icon with this beauty that is handmade to accessorize your office-wear with a unique design. 

5. Thewa Studs For Craft Lover In You


The kind of studs you need to perfect your work-from-home look certainly cannot be the regular, run-off-the-mill studs that blend behind your webcam.

Take a look at these classic earrings worked in gold showcasing the age old, almost extinct technique of thewa craft at its best, with a detailed centre surrounded with brilliant cut and rose cut diamonds. 

Versatile enough go with outfits of a variety of colours, The Thewa Earrings can be your go-to to add a hint of gold to your formal outfits, which is a great way to stand out as you tug your hair behind your ear. We guarantee these earrings will have your heart from the moment you set eyes on them. Elegant yet not over-the-top, they are certainly the right work-wear accessory. 

6. A Subtle Sparkler, The Heer Necklace


Working from home requires a right balance when it comes to styling accessories. Jewelry is supposed to be a second skin and not something something that will make you fidget throughout your videocall. So, what you choose to wear for your online appearance has to be comfortable, keeping in line with your personal style of self-expression. Our beautiful Heer necklace rises perfectly to this occasion.

An interesting detail about this piece is that the rose cut diamonds are set both on the front and reverse side of each unit. This allows the necklace to sit freely on the neck without the fear of the necklace turning and the diamonds not being seen. 

Our love for old school workmanship shines in this beautifully handcrafted necklace that is a string of elements worked in silver, holding uncut diamonds combined with bold, black enamel detailing. The Heer Necklace is lined with pave-set rose-cut diamonds and has an adjustable hook and eye closure which helps the necklace sit elegantly on the neck.

Not only is this stunning piece lightweight, but its simplicity is eye-catching as well.

7. Anniki Pendant, Because Black Never Goes Out Of style


Another great way to spice up your work-from-home look is by picking a statement pendant. Most of us have a wide collection of pendants which we only take out of the jewellery box for special occasions. No more of this now because well, this year has certainly taught us that every day is special, and we certainly do not need any special reason to dress up.

With a layer of sophistication and minimalism, this concept, designed with a lot of thought, emerged from our designer Puja’s sketch book! Our Anniki Pendant will be that addition to your jewellery box, which you can wear with almost everything. Be it a formal, blazer clad outfit or just a shirt you wear for your work-from-home meeting. Attached to a black hued mother of pearl, the pendant holds a pearl in the centre that is bordered with brilliant-cut diamonds. The Anniki Pendant is further embellished with blue enamel and a filigree border surrounded by emerald and pearls.

With the Anniki Pendant, you can also amp up any ethnic indian outfit or even one of those lazy weekends with your girlfriends! 

8. Ivy Bracelet, Inspired By French Fashion


Inspired by the famed French souvenir bracelets, the Ivy Bracelet is perfect when you want to maintain a professional appearance. It instantly makes you presentable and stylish. Our Ivy Bracelet highlights an iridescently carved mother of pearl, which is lined by diamond studded paisley panels strung with lines of pearls holding the closure.

While making an impression at work, take care while choosing jewellery so that it does not overpower your outfit. Pairing classics with edginess, the feminine jewellery collections of MOI are designed to complement with your personality, while you are working from home.

9. Pop The ‘Rosé Earrings’


Our collection of luxury earrings offers this extremely chic piece that has received love globally. The best part about wearing the Rosé Earrings is that it makes you feel confident, stylish and escalates your inner strength by making a luxurious statement when worn at work. 

These linear earrings are worked in gold, studded with diamonds and a rose quartz drop. Our signature pop of color is added with the pink tourmaline and black enamel detailing to make your ear a home to abundance of colour and creativity. The Rosé earrings need to be a part of your 9 to 5 wardrobe to effortlessly style your formal outfits while radiating elegance. 

10. Meera Pearl Necklace

There are many who don’t follow the boring norms of work attire, and love to add a signature of their own! If you are one of those, someone with their own unique style even during the work-from-home routine, one way you can do this by layering jewellery. All you need to do is to remember to keep it subtle and not too flashy. 

One necklace from our collection which works beautifully for layering is our Meera Pearl Necklace which aims to celebrate Indian craft with a layer of sophistication and minimalism. Inspired from vintage pearl necklaces this classic design is worked in gold, with the elegance of the pearls, pink tourmalines and diamonds, and a hint of red enamel detailing.

Now that you know having lightweight, comfortable jewelry is crucial to dress up and work comfortably from our homes, get shopping from MOI!


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