10 Fine Jewelry Earrings That Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

Fashion trends are constantly changing, but the power of classics has roots that never grow obsolete. These classics also include some styles of fine jewelry earrings that never seem to go out of fashion, and as the number of skilled craftsmen and the availability of high quality materials reduce, many such styles of fine jewelry earrings are starting to increase in value.

Although our earrings are first picked as an act of individuality, we don’t realize that the pieces we pick represent their own individualistic characters; like pearl earrings which seem to be like the chocolate flavoured cake - a favourite for birthdays, or hoop earrings that are perfect for a cold day while sipping on a warm drink with our friends - very few can go wrong with this option! Authentic, well thought out selections always lead to timeless elegance especially when it comes to precious pieces of fine jewelry earrings. 

Here are a few carefully selected fine jewelry earrings that will take you through your life and accompany you now and forever:

1.  Meera Earrings:


Pearl earrings are accessories that will never go out of fashion. Don’t believe us? Just take it from the queens and royals from history. Pearl earrings such as our Meera Earrings are both versatile and elegant (even as a mini heirloom), summing up all the reasons to treat yourself to them.

Worked in 22k and 14k gold, these earrings feature cultured pearls and celebrate Indian craft with a layer of sophistication and minimalism. This classic pair of earrings, is designed around the timeless ideology of the elegance of pearls and diamonds, combined with a pop of red enamel detailing. A timeless piece like this can be worn with just about anything and they'll work their magic!

2.  Zoe Clip-On Earrings:


Not a fan of white pearls? Then this completely modern take on fine jewelry earrings is for you. Handcrafted in 14k gold, the earring holds a grey freshwater pearl in the centre surrounded by prong-set diamonds. We all know that diamonds last forever, but this mystic shade of pearl will offer an extra note of sophistication!

A classic everyday basic, keep this pair of clip-ons for an ultimate shade of versatility to go with any saree, any formal shirt, or even your denims. You can even wear these as a staple with your everyday wardrobe and never want to take it off! 

Classic, feminine, and age-less, buying your type of pearls is an investment that, no matter the form (or colour in this case), will never go wrong.

3.  Rosé Earrings:


Trends are always changing, but neutral pieces of fine jewelry earrings can stand the test of time. Keeping this very fact in mind, our design ideology was to celebrate Indian craft and add on it, a layer of permanent sophistication and eternal minimalism.

Moreover, clean lines such as in this linear piece will always find a way to be worn! Our Rosé Earrings are an embodiment of just that. They’re crafted in gold, studded with diamonds and a rose quartz drop. Moi’s signature pop of color comes alive here with the pink tourmaline and black enamel detailing.

As versatile as pinks are, these earrings are a subtle statement with the pretty pink color. Pair it with neutrals and you'll be letting this earring dance gracefully by your ear!

4.  December Hoop Earrings:


It’s unfair to say that gold hoops are making a comeback as, in our eyes, they never went away. They will always be earrings that never go out of fashion (as explained by our grandmothers).

Sliced diamonds remind us of December mornings. Translating that aesthetic sight of snow covered cities with Indian craftsmanship led us to creating this design. These C-hoops are handcrafted in gold with intermittently placed prong-set sliced diamonds bordered with rose-cut diamonds.

As classic as minimal gold earrings are, timeless pieces like these earrings are perfect to add a touch of spice and personality, which is what shopping for earrings is all about! Pair it with the whites and solids in your wardrobe and you'll be making a seemingly classic style statement without even knowing it!

5.  Chicago Hoop Earrings:


It is a joy to find classic, durable gold hoops. Rather than pining after trendy pieces, pick our Chicago Hoop Earrings which combines our love for two classic elements that will never go out of style: pearls and diamonds!

We always aim to design jewelry that is personal and sentimental, which is why we designed these C-hoops in 14k gold with pave set diamonds and intermittently placed pearls. An ageless piece of jewelry, our Chicago Hoop Earrings are truly heirloom-worthy and an embodiment of a perfect pair of classic yet unique hoops.

These earrings are not only classics, but a subtle statement as well. Pair them with whites or blacks, with jeans or sarees, or with dresses like JLo and you'll be making a sophisticated and timeless style statement!

6.  Elements Of Life Studs:

It is believed that some pieces of gemstone jewelry have the power to emit energy and we believe our Elements Of Life Studs do just that. Since Fire, Water, Air and Earth have been historically considered the critical energy forces that sustained life, you’ll be reaching out for our Navratna earrings again and again to feel the positivity and energy from these sources.

The Elements Of Life Studs are handcrafted with gold detailing while being symbolic of the four elements with gemstones that stand for each element; Emerald for Earth, Garnet for Fire, Yellow Sapphire for Air, Blue Sapphire for Water.

A mini heirloom, this jewelry can be paired with an Indian ‘leheriya’ outfit or work exquisitely as a jeweled element to a monotone silk kurta and a rich, printed dupatta. 

7.  Roop Earrings:


Colour can be a stirring factor while buying timeless pieces and the Roop Earrings are an example of just that. These one-of-a-kind earrings boast of a blush pink-purple hue and epitomize graceful modern indian style.

These simple yet classic beauties, suitable for any small party or event you are invited to, come with beautiful tourmaline and amethyst stones, accents of gold and uncut diamonds which transfuse uniqueness and brilliance that can last a lifetime.

8.  Flower-Of-Life Studs:


The Flower-Of-Life Studs are an effortless, timeless, physical representation of earrings that will never go out of fashion. Influenced by the beauty of sacred geometry, these elegant heirloom ear studs are handcrafted with seven uncut diamonds lined with textured gold, with six prong-set brilliant-cut diamonds alternating them.

A classic everyday basic, these ear studs are a staple favourite!

9.  Ann Magnolia Earrings:


We dare you to find a woman who doesn’t like the soft hues of pink!

In a timeless colour palette, which is also hugely popular, the Ann Magnolia Earrings are a striking pair of earrings that portray a modern, elegant style.

Color being the centre of attention, we believe the earrings epitomize style, grace, regality and dare we say... are fit for a queen! These earrings are worked in gold and hold a rose quartz each, surrounded by rubies and a line of diamonds, attached to a pink tourmaline top pierced with a diamond-studded motif.

We suggest to style these fine jewelry earrings with your formals or clean Indian outfits for an overall charming look. You can even go experimental and dress them up with a cocktail dress you've been wanting to wear.

Earrings with natural gemstone colours and flair should make their way to your jewelry box if sophistication is what you’re reaching out for. That’s what makes an accessory worth holding onto for a lifetime!

10.  Perle Studs:


As we keep saying, pearls are sartorial items that have never, and will never go out of style. So if you’re a studs person, this pair of Perle Studs is made just for you!

This pair here is crafted in gold and holds a pearl pierced with a diamond, the combination personifying elegance as it sits cozily on your ear. The ornate units are held by a diamond-studded unit attached to a clip-on closure.

A classic everyday basic, these pairs of studs would pair beautifully with other timeless pieces of clothing like the perfect black dress which every woman has at least one of! You can also wear it as a staple like a beautiful silk shirt as well as with the ethnic section of your wardrobe.

This was our list of earrings which we believe, will never go out of fashion – they’ve simply learned to tame time.


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